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Fri, Nov-05-04, 21:39
Hi all!
what a great forum! I'm so excited to join and revel in the support. I started
Atkins (again) two weeks ago. I had done it a few years ago with much sucess. So here I go again. I have been doing induction pretty much to the letter, with cheese though and only 2 cheats....after which i got right back on. Initially, I lost 3 or 4 lbs the first week.then this week 0! Nada...
I am going to start keeping a food journal just to check..i'm not into counting every carb, just following the WOE.
Any particular reason I might be stalled? I have read some of the other posts...need to stay away from the scale and instead take measurements..started at 186 went to 182.5 then today 189!!! wonder whats going on? Thanks for listening to the rant, and best of luck to all!! :wave:

Fri, Nov-05-04, 22:01
A big WELCOME to the forum...you CAN do this!
Open a journal on this site to keep track of your food and progress..and then we can come visit ya!! :wave:

Fri, Nov-05-04, 22:21
Welcome! You might check out fitday.com to record your food and exercise. Lots of us here use fitday!

Sat, Nov-06-04, 07:08
For me weight loss is slow even with this WOE, but that is the way you want it to be. Try not to get too fixated on the number on the scale. Instead if you haven't measured do so now and then 1x/week or month. You should also be noticing that your clothes fit differently. There seems to be a woosh phenomenon for this WOE. I will go weeks without a weight loss then woosh 2, 3, or 4 pounds gone. Good luck and don't give up.

Sat, Nov-06-04, 09:52
It's actually easy to go wrong on the carbs during induction when you are not counting them--even if you are following the WOE.

For example, each egg really does have .6 grams, and those bacon slices--well check out what some brands of thick sliced have if you want to get a shocker. You can also find yourself eating too few carbs (remember Atkins says there is no advantage to going below 20 net), and some folks do not lose well if they go too low.

Most of us can stop counting when we get used to the portions we need to eat and the carb counts of our favourite foods, but in the beginning, many people find that counting the carbs is really pretty helpful.

An afterthought: You may be surprised to find out that many of the most succesful losers not only count carbs, but calories as well--especially as they get closer to goal.

Sun, Nov-07-04, 08:19
It's common for weight loss to slow down or seem to stop in the 3rd week; one theory is that your body takes a break to adjust to all the changes it is experiencing. Keep following the plan and you should see some results, though possibly slower than you'd like!

Wed, Nov-10-04, 09:39
My first thread had me a little discouraged about my slow progress on my 2nd week, but I am pleased to report a loss of 4 lbs!!! I have been sticking with the Induction phase with a few modifications. I have entered my info for the last few days on fitday! Its a great tool.
I want to thank those who replied to my thread for your encouragement. Its your sucess stories that empower me, because without them I know I would cheat. Today I am 4 lbs closer to my goal of 155! Only 30 lbs to go!! Thanks guys!! :thup:

Thu, Nov-11-04, 21:57
WELCOME to the fourm!

Fri, Nov-12-04, 14:46
I to have recently started induction again although I have tried in the past to just do the WOE and found the scale going up instead of going down, I think that eating the "LOCARB things ie bread, ice cream can really stall you, I have since stopped the locarb bagels ice cream etc and have been loosing, might want to also join a challenge I find that since joing that I don't dare cheat I have to weighin def don't want to notate an increase

Sun, Nov-14-04, 11:37
Am glad you have begun to use fitday . . . if you ever stall, people on the forum can check your diet and try to help you find a way to tweak your regimen. (Plus, it helps keep us honest!)