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Sun, Sep-23-01, 10:52
To give me some idea of best times for maximum number of members to join in with LC CHAT :there: I wonder if people could help me with their own local time zones and perhaps how they compare with UK's Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Say, for instance, I set up a Chat for 18.30 GMT (6.30 pm UK local time) what does that mean for you locally?

I am sure I could calculate it but you probably could make it much easier and quicker for me.

Tue, Sep-25-01, 16:28
I located the World Time Clock online. Hopefully this will help some people.



Correct me someone please, if I've calculated wrong...but I would say for us here in EST ZONE in Canada (using Toronto), as the example...6:30 p.m. your time would be 1:30 p.m. here. We're still using Daylight Saving time until October 28 (this year).

Actually, I thought there was more difference.

Tue, Oct-02-01, 14:44
You are absolutely correct Sharon. Nat and I had a chat the other day. It was 7pm EST Zone and 2pm GMT UK time when we were talking.

Thanks for the links. I'll post them in Chat Get-Together Thread as well.
Take care.

doreen T
Tue, Oct-02-01, 15:08
On every single forum page, at the bottom of the messages and at the bottom of the forums' main page, you'll see the current time in your time zone (you need to set this in your profile). It's easy to see the time difference, because it says right there how many hours difference between you and GMT (London, England)

I'm in the Eastern Time zone, so I read "All times are GMT -5 hours. The time now is 17:07" ... meaning that the current time in London is 22:07 hrs (10:07 p.m.)

So, make sure you've set your time zone in your profile correctly, then just check the time at the bottom of the forum page :)