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Thu, Sep-20-01, 12:34
I am a snacker and I was wondering if anyone else out there is and what do you snack on besides nuts, pork rinds, etc. I like the fact that these are quick and easy. Any suggestions?

Thu, Sep-20-01, 14:08
One of my favorite snacks is ham rolls. (You can do this with any meat, but ham is just my favorite this way).

Slice a couple pieces of ham about the same thinkness as it would be if you bought some lunchmeat (I use a cheese slicer - works great!). Spread as much cream cheese on them as you think you'd like (I do it kinda thick). Roll 'em up and cut them into 1 inch rolls. Chill and eat! YUMMY!

Thu, Sep-20-01, 15:16
Hi, you're certainly not the only one who's wondered about snacks... These are basically lunch ideas...but some of them would work for snacks as well.

Here's a link to a previous discussion.. Hopes this helps.

Perhaps new members will have some new ideas as well.