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Tue, Aug-17-04, 13:10
I know that homemade ECA stacks work best but I don't wanna mess around with ephedra. Has anyone used Xenadrine, Zantrec, Hydroxycut, Stacker 2 or the ilk; what effect has it had? I only want opinions from people who have actually used the product. Thanks, Brian

Tue, Aug-17-04, 14:40
Ripped fuel works for a pre-workout energy boost. You could probably get the same effect from caffine though.

Tue, Aug-17-04, 15:35
Sorry to butt in here with no experience but I don't think you should need to take any thermogenics or caffiene at your age.

EDIT: but I take green tea extract twice a day and that has helped with my energy

Tue, Aug-17-04, 15:50
I'm almost 18 and basically finished growing (I think). I don't want to do anything heavy but I don't think a thermo burner can hurt

Wed, Aug-18-04, 09:25
Don't waste your money on anything other than a homemade ECA or ECY stack, you won't notice much of anything. It's a personal decision, studies go both ways on ephedrine, it's up to you. I use an EC stack (200mg C 25mg E) 3x a day, for 4 weeks. Then I take 6 weeks off, and repeat. If you've never used an EC(x) stack before I'd definitely start off slow (once a day) and work your way up to 3 a day to make sure you can handle it, and to reduce the chance of any negative side effects.

Like I said, it's a personal choice, just make sure you read everything you can on the subject and you know what your doing before you decide.

Wed, Aug-18-04, 09:57
No on EYC
Ephedra and Yohimbine shouldn't be taken together.
YC yes
Y and E together can cause a heart and blood preasure problems.
Also there is no need for Aspirin in the ECA stack.


Wed, Aug-18-04, 10:47
No on EYC
Ephedra and Yohimbine shouldn't be taken together.
YC yes
Y and E together can cause a heart and blood preasure problems.
Also there is no need for Aspirin in the ECA stack.


Good point, E can cause heart and blood pressue problems, so can Y, adding them together can do the same. Like I said, read and make sure you know what your doing to your body. Some people can handle it, others with a history of hypertension shouldn't touch it. Don't put anything in your body without some serious research first.. plain old common sense. :thup:

Wed, Aug-18-04, 11:10
Great posts Brandon and Jag. And I agree - make your own stacks. Anything else is just a waste of money.

Mon, Aug-30-04, 17:18
Also there is no need for Aspirin in the ECA stack.

I was under the impression aspirin was a key component.


Mon, Aug-30-04, 20:52
aspirin not needed....post by legwarmers on another board

Aspirin {salicyclic acid acetate} and it's naturally occurring methyl ester (methyl salicylate)—found in the leaves of Gaultheria procumbrens and on the bark of Betula lenta—have long been used as analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antipyretics and recently as anti-coagulants. The "A" portion of ECA, aspirin has been thought of potentiating the thermogenic and lipolytic properties of both ephedrine and caffeine. Recent research seems to contradict this however. At a study at The University of London's Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, 40 women (20 non-obese and 20 obese) were given either ephedrine and caffeine (30 mg and 100 mg) or ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin (30 mg, 100 mg, and 300 mg) post prandially (1050 kJ liquid meal). Using indirect calorimetry, observations were made in all groups every 30 minutes for 160 minutes. There was no significant differences between the groups that received aspirin and the groups that did not. We conclude that aspirin does not potentiate the acute thermic effect of ephedrine and caffeine.6

In another study conducted at King's College in London, it was demonstrated that aspirin does not potentiate the thermogenic response to ephedrine in lean women and only slightly so in obese women.7 The increase seen in this study represented a 1.2 kcal per hour increase in metabolism for lean women and a 2.4 kcal per hour increase in metabolism in obese women over use of ephedrine alone, which over an entire week, would represent less than one ounce of bodyweight. We feel that this is insignificant.7

Based on these two studies, we feel that aspirin and its analogs do not play a substantial role in inducing or increasing thermogenesis and/or lipolysis but they do have the potential to induce SAEs when consumed over long periods of time (e.g. ulceration of the stomach and increases in bleeding times). Therefore, we feel that aspirin and it's analogs should not be used in any thermogenic/lipolytic stack. "

The Ultimate ECA Guide
By Stephen Schmitz, MD, MPH
and Bruce Kneller, BSN-RN


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