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Fri, Jul-23-04, 23:56
Basically, all you need is a Tortilla Maker and some LC Bread of your Choice. I removed the crust, placed the bread on the preheated tortilla maker, and pressed it down several times until it was flattened. Then, I pushed down hard for about a few seconds at a time, letting up every few seconds and then pushing down again so that steam didn't build up. After a few times doing this, it will basically became a thin, crispy cracker/wafer.

Sat, Jul-24-04, 11:19
What an interesting idea. Now I'll have to buy a tortilla maker.

Sat, Jul-24-04, 14:52
What an interesting idea. Now I'll have to buy a tortilla maker.

I bought one hoping to make LC Tortillas, but I've found it won't work for that. White Flour Batter has a different consistency, which allows it to stick in the center, while its pressed flat, and then not to stick to the surface once its baking. Unfortunately, all the LC Batters I've tried so far for making Tortillas have either slid to the sides when I pressed down or stuck to the cooking surface. Plus, they wouldn't push as flat as the White Flour.

I'm gonna order some Wheat Protein Isolate and try that...to see if that'll work. But, if you keep it closed long enough with some LC Batters, it'll make Crackers/Wafers. Same if you start with LC Bread.