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Deb White
Sun, Sep-09-01, 19:45
I eat Cottee's diet jelly sweetened with Splenda. I was under the impression this had no carbs but in Fitday I have seen that Dietetic Jelly sweetened with artificial sweeteners has 172g carb in 1 cup.

Is this correct. I presumed the diet-jello was diet jelly.


Sun, Sep-09-01, 20:36
Hi Deb,

Why not list the ingredients and nutritional info from the package, and we'll start cruchning the numbers and see. You might want to try out our hidden carbs calculator from the tools page as well.


Sun, Sep-09-01, 21:31
I think what fitday lists as diet jelly with artificial sweeteners might be more along the line of jams and jellies, like grape jelly that you would have put on toast. Maybe try and see if they have have a listing for diet gelatine or jell-o and see if that is more accurate.
FWIW, my box of Jell-o light brand jell-o lists 28cals per box, with 5.2g protein and zero for everything else. But that leaves 7.2 cals unaccounted for, for 2g total hidden carbs (probably in the sweeteners) per box. That's a lot of jell-o.


Deb White
Sun, Sep-09-01, 21:57
Thanks Michelle,

That was it, diet gelatine 1.72 g of Carbs per cup. Just different names that are used.

I was really worried there for a bit.