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Mon, Jul-05-04, 10:50
I am new to this forum, but not new to Low Carbing. My husband and I started Atkins at the end of last summer and lost 45 and 30 pounds respectively by this past spring.

However, we weren't the only ones getting lighter, so was our bank account! So, we fell off the wagon for awhile and now feel kind of crappy and bloated.
We figure there has to be a happy medium in here somewhere, because we never felt so good as when we were lo-carbing.

I hope to find new info on more frugal ways to implement a low-carb lifestyle and get that good feeling back and start losing weight again.

Mon, Jul-05-04, 11:08
I understand just what you mean...LC can seem to be expensive but only if you were eating very inexpensively before. I have never really sat down to real meals in my adult life...I usually just grab cereal or wolf something out of a can or something like that...

Making meals is very new for me and although it seems like my food bill is up...what I'm not buying is: a mcburger on the way to somewhere in the car, icecream cone while i'm out doing something, junk food from the machine at work 2 or 3 times a day, 2 or 3 diet cokes a day, bags of cookies, crackers, chips, a gallon of ice cream per week, 2 boxes of cereal per week, pizza on friday night...etc...

I'm guessing that it all comes out the same; the difference is that the groceries are all at once....

Plus, I'm not an expensive eater...I buy cheap chicken, cheap beef, very cheap hamburger...I will not buy meat at 3.99 per pound....


Mon, Jul-05-04, 11:10
Hi and welcome!

Bob makes a good point. Most people only compare the grocery bills and forget what you're saving when you break a lot of bad spending habits that come with a higher carb WOE.

I'm a tightwad, so this is one of my favorite topics. :lol: My favorite budget advice comes from Dana Carpender (http://www.holdthetoast.com/faq2.html#httfaq94882171824373faq).

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