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Wed, Jun-30-04, 17:26
Well I been on atkins almost two months and lost about 20 pounds. I want to lose about 40 more but it seems like forever before I will get there.
I am still on induction although getting a little frustrated with it.
I also have MS which kinda throws a little loop into the whole picture...aww is life

anyways nice to meet everyone


Thu, Jul-01-04, 22:21
Greetings and welcome aboard!

How ever long it takes to lose the 40 pounds is time well invested. Don't give up. I imagine you are happier now at 247 than you were at 266 and you will be continue to be happier as you progress on down the scale - how ever long it takes.

I don't know how the MS will affect you, but there are special forums on this board for a whole variety of various complicationgs and disorders. You might try looking through them.

Good luck!

Thu, Jul-01-04, 22:38
Hi and welcome good luck to ya!