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Mon, Jun-28-04, 12:11
:wave: I'm new to this forum and also the low carb. I do have some questions about it. I've read both of Dr. Atkins books and I must admit that
some of it is a little confusing. I started the first of this month and I have
only lost 5lbs. I switch from my two cups of regular coffee in the morning to
two cups of decaf with cream and splenda. I usually eat two eggs with either
sausage or bacon for breakfast, plus I drink water with it. Before lunch I usually drink another bottle of water. At lunch I eat chicken or pork along
with a 1/2 cup of green beans and a cup of broccoli. I also drink a bottle of
water with lunch. At dinner I'll eat chicken or pork, sometimes hamburger, and a side salad with tomatoe, bell pepper and cucumber. For snacks, I usually eat string cheese. What am I doing wrong? And what do I need to
do better?

Mon, Jun-28-04, 12:39
If the cheese strings are processed cheese ...that might be a problem. Also ...people who have less weight to lose, do, lose a lot slower than those with a lot to lose.

Mon, Jun-28-04, 12:39
Welcome JennJacks!

From the menu you posted it sounds like you are doing things right... don't forget that everyone's bodies react differently to this WOE. Down 5 pounds averages to a little over a pound a week - which is a safe and healty way to lose weight. It may not be as quick as you'd like it but it's still 5 lbs!

Good luck,

Tue, Jun-29-04, 07:23
thanks for the tip about the cheese. I'm gonna leave it alone for now. I have
one more question? Is it true that I should be eating at least 15 carbs in
veggies a day and get the last 5 from other things like, cream, cheese and etc.

Tue, Jun-29-04, 08:14
Hello and welcome! :wave: