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Thu, Aug-30-01, 06:49
Good day everybody!

I recently made an attempt to bike home from work...which takes 50 minutes to drive 78 Km down the highway!

I did pretty good considering, I made it 60 km in 3 hours, (first 27 were all uphill), going along the back roads. I figured the total distance would have been around 90 km.

My problem was, I hit the wall at 50K. I know I didn't plan quite right ( I had to go before I lost my nerve). I have done greater distances in the past. I had been hoping to find a store en route to refill on water, but no, I ran dry at 35km.

What I am actually wondering, is what light weight-hi energy/protein I could carry with me to sustain the energy all the way home?

Any input would be wonderful, thanks!

Sat, Sep-01-01, 04:06
unless you are allergic to them nuts (not peanuts or cashews) can be a choice..and they keep well too..just a thought;)

Sun, Sep-02-01, 18:20
How about a low-carb bar or shake? I know some have "hidden" carbs but I'm sure some don't. Or maybe just bring some more water next time?