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Tue, Apr-20-04, 04:27
This is a low carb adaptation of the original Gary Rhodes recipe from the article Garys Tropical Twist in the May 2004 edition of the UKs Good Food magazine.

Orange Soured Cream Cakes

Makes 12 cakes
ecc 2.25g carbs per cake

5 oz /140g softened butter
6 tbsp Splenda
4 large eggs
Finely grated zest of a large orange
1 tsp orange extract
4 fl oz /142 ml soured cream
6 oz /175g ground almonds
1 tsp baking powder

Preheat the oven to 350F/180C/Gas 4, and then lightly butter a 12-hole muffin pan.

Cream the butter and the Splenda. Add the eggs one at a time, beating each one in well, then mix in the orange zest, orange extract, baking powder and soured cream, before beating in the ground almonds.

Divide the mixture between the holes in the muffin pan, and then bake for 20-25 minutes, or until firm to the touch.

Just an idea: I also mixed some of the juice from the orange with some cream cheese and Splenda to make a topping for the cakes :thup:

Tue, Apr-20-04, 04:50
Wow that looks really delicious!!! Will try them this weekend. Cheers!!

Tue, Apr-20-04, 10:42
I've put a pic of the cakes in the Gallery: http://forum.lowcarber.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=4633&password=&sort=1&cat=504&page=1

Tue, Apr-20-04, 11:26
What is the soured cream, is it just sour cream, or is it a liquid?
I know it is a stupid question, but I still had to ask! HeHee!

Tue, Apr-20-04, 11:39
I was wondering the same thing.

Tue, Apr-20-04, 13:29
I was going to ask the same thing.. is sour cream the same as soured cream?

Tue, Apr-20-04, 15:22
Yes, it's the same thing - obviously yet another one of those UK/US language differences :)

Tue, Apr-20-04, 16:31
my oh my these look to amazing to be true - reminds me of an orange sour cream donut - does anyone know what I'm talking about? has anyone else tried making these with pecan meal instead of almond meal? that's all i have right now, but i just can't wait...

Wed, Apr-21-04, 11:31
demi.. youre the queen of this type of recipe!


Wed, Apr-21-04, 19:31
orange sour cream donut....

Homer happy....


Karen D.
Wed, Apr-21-04, 20:21
I'm wondering if we're still having a misunderstanding about the sour cream vs soured cream question. The reason I say that is because Demi's recipe calls for 4 fluid ounces of soured cream. In North America, we wouldn't measure sour cream as a liquid; it comes in a semi-solid form. Some recipes call for cream that you make sour by adding a tablespoon or so of vinegar, and I'm wondering whether that's what the recipe means. Would you clarify that for us, please, Demi. Thanks.

Karen D.

Thu, Apr-22-04, 01:22

Although soured (sour) cream does indeed come in a semi-solid form, we measure it in fluid ounces in the UK - however, for those of you in the US, it works out to about half a cup.

Re this issue about whether you need to do something to the cream to sour it - no, you don't need to add anything to it, you should be able to buy it already soured (well at least you can in the UK! :) )

Hope these explanations help :)

Wed, Apr-28-04, 06:35
Just a thought - if you find that the cakes are sticking to the tin when you remove them, then either put circles of grease proofed paper in the bottom of the holes before adding the mixture prior to cooking, or perhaps use muffin/cake cases.

Wed, Apr-28-04, 06:47
Thanks Demi, I'll use the muffin cups that I have (loads left over from pre lc days!)

Sat, May-01-04, 20:50
Just wanted to thank you for the recipe! These were great. I tried some with the glaze, but I actually prefer them without. One weakness I still have is for my mother's recipe for orange muffins. There are not the same, but they are good enough to make me a very happy guy. :)


Seto Kaiba
Thu, May-06-04, 15:18
Excellent recipe, Demi! :yum:

Thu, May-06-04, 17:15
Sounds great! I'm going to have to make these soon. Thanx for the recipe Demi.:yum:

Fri, May-07-04, 08:49
I made there yesterday. They are so good. Of course, I didnt have orange extract........ so I used the middle eastern orange blossom water. worked fine.
for frosting I mixed 4 oz soft cream cheese with 1/2 stick butter added 1/3 cup splenda and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Very good on these muffins.

One of these days I will make a recipe exactly as writen.

Fri, May-07-04, 09:06
One of these days I will make a recipe exactly as writen.

If you do that we won't get any new versions to try!

Fri, May-07-04, 09:18
One of these days I will make a recipe exactly as writen.

LOL ... I never do!

Thanks to everyone for all their positive comments about these cakes - I'm so pleased that everyone likes them so much.

Next time, try them with lemon instead (peel, extract or juice) - delicious :yum:

Sat, May-08-04, 10:54
I made these recently after seeing their photo and they were wonderful!! Really delicious, and a nice change of pace with the citrus flavor.

Thanks for the recipe!

Sun, May-16-04, 11:37
Oooh sounds good :)

Mon, May-31-04, 23:29
This looks wonderful. I've been craving muffins and orange is one of my favorites. Thanks for including the US measurements as well as UK metric.!

Tue, Jun-01-04, 16:47
I wanted to make a note of a new variation on these I just made this weekend and they are SUPER! I turned them into strawberry muffins since I had no oranges around.

Instead of sour cream I put the same amount of lc strawberry yogurt and instead of orange extract I put 1 TBSP strawberry syrup. (strawberry extract would work good too I suppose!)

I topped them with a 'frosting' of cream cheese blended with strawberry torani syrup. They were really wonderful! :D

Wed, Jun-02-04, 09:12
Please don't think of me as a total moron but....where can I go to convert these measurements from oz, grams etc... to cups, tsp, Tbsp's? I do not have a scale to measure 140 grams / 5 oz's of butter.... Help...:blush:

Wed, Jun-02-04, 09:34
Lowcarbjo ~ have a look here (http://www.french-at-a-touch.com/Gourmet/cooking_basics.htm) or here (http://www.culinary.net/resources/weightsmeasures/weightsmeasures.html) for help with converting ounces and grams to cups.

Thu, Jun-03-04, 02:53
Demi, these sound wonderful. Going to make a batch in the morning for my husband's Bible study. Our pastor is low carbing, also.

Mon, Jul-12-04, 11:53
I was extremely impressed by both the appearance and taste of these cakes. Before reading your posts, I had never used almond flour. "I have seen the light". It is clearly such a versatile ingredient and has become a staple in my kitchen. Thanks so much :D

Wed, Jul-14-04, 05:13
Thanks, Demi. We made these last night and really enjoyed them. :)

Thu, Aug-26-04, 09:18
Tried these out last weekend, but used lemon peel & almond extract. Wow, they were great. Even the kids were stealing them. I could picture some blueberries in this version for an added treat.

Fri, Aug-27-04, 11:02
I just made these last night but with Coconut extract!! They were great, if I would have had some natural coconut I would have toasted it for the top, but I didn't, so I had one tsp of coconut extract left so I thought, I will try that before orange..YUMMMYYYY and yes they are so presentable and look great as well as taste great. This weekend, I am going to make a couple different variations of them, definately the orange, and I am not sure which other kind I will make!!

Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

BTW, I ate one this morning for breakfast and it filled me up!!! That is the beauty with Almond Flour and such, one is enough, you dont have to eat 6 (light Krispy Kremes here in the states) to be satisfied.

Tue, Sep-07-04, 11:56
I made these over the weekend and they were awesome...a little eggy, but the flavour was wonderful!

I will definately make these again. Thanks so much for the recipe!


Tue, Sep-14-04, 09:36
I have a question please from someone who's made this recipe or knows the answer -- how much zest would you use? I ask because I have frozen zest in 1 teaspoon amounts and I would have to use this. But, to be honest - I don't know how much to use.

Thanks so much! **

Wed, Sep-15-04, 08:56
Hi: SSin-Deb

To answer your question about the amount of zest, this is what I have found:
1 medium lemon = 1 Tablespoon of zest
1 medium orange = 2 Tablespoons of zest

So, if you are making it with the orange you will need 6 Teaspoons, ( there is 3 tsp. in 1 tblsp).
Hope this helps.

Wed, Sep-15-04, 16:41
Thank you so much Mumof4boys! I appreciate your help with this! **

Thu, Sep-16-04, 19:10

Although soured (sour) cream does indeed come in a semi-solid form, we measure it in fluid ounces in the UK - however, for those of you in the US, it works out to about half a cup.

Re this issue about whether you need to do something to the cream to sour it - no, you don't need to add anything to it, you should be able to buy it already soured (well at least you can in the UK! :) )

Hope these explanations help :)FYI, all and sundry. Sour Cream (in North America, either US or Canada) is readily measured in liquid/volume form. 4 Fluid Ounces IS 1/2 Cup.

If stuck with milliliters like we are here in Canada quite often, the closest equivalent generally used is 125mL for 1/2 Cup. Technically it's about 240mL converted but that looks odd on the container so marketing has decreed that they're usually packaged as 250mL or 500mL (approx 1 full Cup measure OR 8 Fluid Ounces OR 16 Tablespoons).

If using a kitchen scale, you'll often find that 250mL of most liquids or semi-solids (sour cream, butter, even cream cheese, etc.) is approximately 250g in weight. Convenient, because that means 1 Pound (454g) of butter (for example) is approximately 2 Cups or 16 Fluid Ounces (when melted) or 16 ounces (when weighed). This works mostly for liquids and semi-solids, not for dry measures. Dry stuff weighs differently.

Fun, eh?

Mon, Dec-06-04, 19:54
I cant seem to find almond flour. I've looked in the baking section of local supermarket as well as the natural section. Can you make it with a coffee grinder?

Mon, Dec-06-04, 22:11
I grind whole almonds in my food processor but it generally comes out coarser than the store bought flour. Maybe try to grind slivered almonds for a finer flour...?

Fri, Jan-07-05, 15:22
I think the roasted (unsalted) ones work pretty well to grind, too. Not sure if the coffee grinder would work - I'd give it a try if you don't have a food processor.

Sat, Jan-08-05, 05:30
I cant seem to find almond flour.
Try looking for ground almonds instead - they can usually be found alongside the whole almonds and other nuts in the supermarket - ground almonds and almond flour are the same thing, but with a different name.

Tue, Aug-23-05, 05:39
I made these and they were gorgeous. There was a bit left over and I turned it into half a sandwich cake which my husband loved with a little jam and cream in the middle.

I also tried it in the breadmaker. Again a great result but a little on the heavy side compard with the small cakes.

Any suggestions for lightening the recipe a little for the breadmaker?

Wed, Aug-24-05, 12:33
Hi Gay,
I'm puzzled as to why you'd want to put this mix into a breadmaker - it works just fine made as it is, either for little buns or baked in bigger tins as a sandwich cake. The pounding that it would get in a breadmaker is bound to make it heavy - so much kneading is only suitable for dough mixtures with yeast.
If you look through the recipes, you'll find many that will work well in a machine, although even then, LC bread-making (in my experience) is an art that seems to require an inordinate amount of luck thrown into the mix!!!
Babs :)

Wed, Aug-24-05, 12:51
Lol Babs

My breadmaker has a cake routine, just mixing and baking. I can't see that it's any different to baking a cake in the oven except that I can split it into 2 in the oven. I must admit I do like being able to throw everything in and forget it :D

I will try it in a cake tin as my breadmaker is in use experimenting at the moment.

Wed, Aug-24-05, 13:34
How Many Carbs Do These Cakes Have?

Wed, Aug-24-05, 19:40
"My breadmaker has a cake routine, just mixing and baking."
I'd say that the cake routine works best for real flour - LC ingredients are a bit more fragile (no gluten or 'sticking' power) and that may be the reason why it doesn't work so well.
When you get to making more LC breads too, you may find that what works for ordinary flour mixes is turned on its head for LC and you end up with something that neither resembles bread nor is remotely edible by any standards. Be prepared for some frustration and a lot of experimentation - a rich supply of ingredients is a help, too :)

Thu, Aug-25-05, 01:25
Be prepared for some frustration and a lot of experimentation - a rich supply of ingredients is a help, too :)
:lol: I'm learning that fast. I'm on my third low carb bread attempt trying to find a really 'white' loaf that get as close to shop bread as possible.

Thu, Aug-25-05, 12:58
If you come across that holy bread grail, please share the recipe :). I gave up months ago and make a great wee loaf for myself now in the microwave that takes all of 3 minutes to bake - no yeast, no errors, no waste, no hassle.

Thu, Aug-25-05, 13:05
Which recipe Babs?

Thu, Aug-25-05, 13:18
This is a recipe of my own - the result of tweaking several instant bread type recipes available on different boards. I have a link to a photo I put up on the net for a different forum and I will search it out and put it up later if you want to see what it looks like. It's very popular, though I say so myself, and works every time, unlike many bread machine recipes. It tastes a bit like Irish wholemeal bread.

Microwave Bread
70 gms Ground Almonds
30 gms Ground Linseeds
10 gms Bran (Jordan's is the lowest carb)
3/4 t Baking Powder
1/8 t Salt
2 crushed Splenda tablets

25 gms melted butter
2 beaten eggs
3 Tablespoons Kefir (or buttermilk, natural yoghurt or cream)

Mix the wet ingredients and then add the dry. Mix swiftly, but well. Use a plastic lunchbox and cook in the microwave on high (category D) for 3 minutes - it should be dry on top. Cool on a wire rack and then slice from side to side, creating 5 thin slices or 4 thicker ones.
Delicious in a sandwich or toasted use the grill and not the toaster for this as the slices are a bit more delicate than normal bread.

Here's the link to the photo - oh, and the entire recipe is about 11 carbs.

Thu, Aug-25-05, 21:05
Sounds Good!

Fri, Aug-26-05, 00:22
That looks good Babs. I've kept a note of it and will try it at the weekend.

My hubby went out of ketosis today. I'm trying to persuade him that the one slice of bread or cake (2 or 3 carbs) wasn't what did it but eating 1lb of grapes and half a lb of strawberries!

Fri, Aug-26-05, 05:54
:) Men!!!

Fri, Jan-12-07, 09:35
This is a Great Recipe! Contains no wheat or soy products... just nut flour.

Using a no-calorie liquid sweetner instead of the one in the recipe, fitday gave me these totals for 1/12 of the recipe, or one muffin

Calories 220
Fat 21 grams
Carb 4 grams total (2 of which are fiber)
Protein 12 grams