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Wed, Apr-14-04, 23:30
Hi all,
Just wanted to share a great recipie from a "veggie Head" friend of mine.
You take Extra frim tofu, I like the Italian flavored kind
cut it into slices, cracker thin
fry in veg. oil for about ten min.or until golden brown, tofu takes awhile to get there
drain and cool.
I swear you wont know the differance
I also slice it the long way and make it like melba toast with tuna or turkey

One thing though, make sure you check the carb count on flavored tofu, some are as high as 5g......
Petes italian herb tofu is 1grm of carb per 3oz, which is about three bread sized slices.sliced thin like a cracker.
ps. please let me know if this is induction safe, i think it may be.

Thu, Apr-15-04, 05:02
Sounds like somthing I may try.. Thanks for the heads up. :)