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Mon, Apr-12-04, 14:56
Hey all,

I was just wondering if any of the paleo folks are using fitday.
I used it for the past week and was a little surprised at the results.

average calories- 1390, 65% fat, 28% protein, 7% carbs
I also seem to be chronicly short on Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, thiamin and folate! :eek:

I have been eating salads and greens all week, including red kale, red and green chard, and rapini. Bacon and eggs for breakfast, lots of water buffalo rump roast and pork chops, coconut cream. Veggies include cauliflower, mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, avocado, green onions, onions, carrots..... some strawberries, blueberries, and walnuts. I even had a little Da Vinci SF Syrup on my fruit.

Now, I do happen to use supplements, fitday doesn't take that into account, so I'm not actually missing anything. I just wanted to get all my nutrients through my diet, if possible. And just 'supplement' with pills.

What do you guys eat to get all your vitamins and minerals?

The jury is still out on calorie restriction breaking my weight loss stall (been months, haven't tried, really). I didn't go hungry at all, I just didn't over eat and kept my calories around 1500 a day. I seem to have lost a pound, but the scale is a fickle mistress. I'll wait and see if it's still gone next week before I celebrate. :p

Mon, Apr-12-04, 22:47
Hi I haven't gone over to fitday yet as I am not near a computer with enough regularity. I read everyone's stats and am a little in awe of what it can tell people.

I am working on a small garden to give me fresh salads for the summer. I like to eat a lot of salads and hate to shop.

You eat a lot more veggies than I do. I have a tendency to stick to eating mostly meats. (and one trigger food, grrr)


Tue, Apr-13-04, 07:42
I used to use it but it got to be too much of a hassle after a few weeks. I figured I'd be able to do just as well on my own and I wasn't counting calories so it didn't help much. But it was interesting to see how they break up your fats/carbs, etc.

I eat a lot of tomatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli,baby marrow, onions, avocado, garlic, red peppers. That's about it. I'm not mad about other veggies though. What I've been trying to do lately is eat a lot of fish and seafood. I have a craving for it, in fact! LOL.

Tue, Apr-13-04, 08:38
I don't use it because it's not flexible enough. Dabs of this and a little bit of that added to salads and meatloaves just can't be accounted for. Besides, NeanderThin and unprocessed equals good nutrition.

Wed, Apr-14-04, 03:37
Apart from having too many foods that I wouldn't even know exist! LOL.

If I wanted to find something I'd have to wade through zillions of different kinds of tomatoes just to find an average, simple, red tomato. LOL. The same goes for other foods...too much variety.
It's amazing the amount of stuff that exists in the US. Here the food is more simple, not so many hundreds of different types of ice cream, for example. We have variety, it's just not so overwhelming. I wonder if that's why there's such a high incidence of obesity in the States? Maybe there's just too much to choose from? I know I would find it a huge temptation.

Wed, Apr-14-04, 16:02
I use fitday occasionally just to see how well I'm doing for nutrients. I seem to have a bit of a hard time getting the recommended amount of B vitamins as well, but I also believe that without a lot of refined sugars your body needs less of these nutrients. I think this may be true for some other nutrients like calcium as a paleo style eating pattern will allow you to keep more calcium in your bones as well as improve digestion of it.

One thing that I'd like to be able to do is to eat a lot more organ meats as I know they have some very valuable nutrients in them that are difficult to get without supplementation in a paleo diet. I just bought an old cookbook from a used bookstore and there are all sorts of recipes in there about using brains, kidney, liver, and other stuff.

I was reading the Canada Food Guide from many years ago and back in the 1920's to somewhere around the 1950's they recommended that people eat liver and other organ meats a couple of times a week, in addition to other types of meat. It's amazing how different our eating patterns are from even a generation or two ago, at least in North America.

Fri, Apr-16-04, 03:48
Arctic, it's interesting what you mentioned about eating organ meats and how our habits have changed so much.

This is also true here in Spain. Traditionally, there's a thing called "blood pudding", which is made out of blood and sometimes onions. There was also "fried blood", which was popular amongt older people. Nowadays it's hard to find places that sell these things and the younger generations are grossed out if there's even a mention of them!
Why is this so? Younger people can't stand it when you say you're having even just liver for supper. My husband couldn't even have supper one night because of the smell from the liver I'd been cooking. LOL.
As a result, a lot of our traditional eating habits have been lost. Cardiac disease is on the way up and we're being bombarded by TV ads that keep reminding us to go back to our Mediterranean way of eating. In the meantime, more and more fast food places are springing up. The good news is that the locals are striking back with their own fast food restaurants which have locally grown produce and healthy options. Hmmm, wonder who'll win?

Fri, Apr-16-04, 08:19
I was quite a bit older when I gave birth to my son and seeing what eating problems people had with their children decided I would try and avoid them. My plan was to call so-called offensive foods (organ meats, blood sausage, beet soup, etc.) in our ethnic tongue as opposed to English and not to force him to eat anything he didn't want to eat. Well he ate everything and loved liver pate, beet soup with beet leaves, fried chicken livers, eggs, fried blood sausage with buckwheat, etc. The second year in school one of his lunch buddies told my son that he was eating liverwurst in his sandwich. My son was horrified. Liver, yechhh (although he had eaten it with relish since he could eat solid foods). He came home from school full of righteous indignation that I had deceived him by calling it something else. Well he stopped eating it for about 2 weeks, then decided he liked it too much to give it up. BTW my son is 24 years old now, has never had a cavity, has teeth as strong as diamonds, extremely strong bones, even though he started eating carbs and junk food in his late teens. Now he's back to low-carbing. What Nela says is true that people started forgetting what was good for them because of all the advertising to the contrary. The europeans are smarter than us though because they are not falling as completely under the spell of the fast food giants as we are here. They still frequent family-run restaurants and opt for home cooking while everyone here is more apt to frequent fast-food chains.