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Sat, Aug-25-01, 14:10
Auto generated link to page (Please do not remove): http://www.lowcarb.ca/recipes/bread107.html
Can you tell me the total carb. count for this receipe?...would love to try it....but it doesn't tell any detail on this.......

Sat, Aug-25-01, 15:07
Thanks for drawing this to my attention....my posting and it should have included the carb counts. We're going to try to include counts now for all our recipes.

The calculations I've come up with this afternoon are as following.

Total Carbs:

Dry Ingredients: 59.8 - 11.875 (fibre)

Wet Ingredients: 33.4 - 4 (fibre)

Topping (optional): 3.57 - .36 (fibre)

Total 93.4 - 16.23 fibre. 77.18 for the total recipe.

Making 12 muffins that works out to approx. 6.5 each...without the topping you save .5.

If you make the Pumpkin Spice Muffins there are less carbs...as Pumpkin is lower in carbs.

The wet ingredients would then be:

23.5 carb - 8 (fibre)...

Total carbs for the Pumpkin Muffins:

86.9 - (20.23 fibre) = 66.67
12 muffins - each 5.5 carbs

Note: I didn't include counts for Apple Oil, as I can't find my notes on these oils this afternoon.

I'll try and double check these figures later.
Hope this helps for now.

When I make these I get fairly large muffins, so you could probably make 3-4 more smaller muffins and cut your count per serving lower.