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Thu, Apr-01-04, 10:32
Nearing maintenance, I am now able to enjoy some bread from time to time. I came up w/this recipe & would like to share it w/all of you.

3/4 + 1 T water ( 110 degrees)
1 T sugar
1 pkt rapid rise yeast

Combine & proof while assembling other ingredients.

1 T butter, melted
1/4 C 5 grain cereal
1/2 C high protein flour(I use Bake*Lite)*
1/2 C Vital Wheat Gluten
3/4 C Wheat Bran
1/2 C oat flour
2 Pkts. Splenda
1/4 t salt

Mix dry ingredients. Stir in proofed yeast/water/sugar mix. Knead for 8 minutes(I use a Kitchenaid on speed 4) Pinch off balls of kneaded dough & place on a greased baking sheet or pan. Allow to rise until doubled. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven until golden, about 10 minutes.

Yield= 12 rolls 7.25 carbs ea
These can be frozen after baking & reheated as needed.

*Bake*Lite flours comes in a 13carb grams per 1/4 cup. Any bagel or bread flour can be substituted, just change the carb count accordingly.