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Fri, Mar-19-04, 11:16
Obviously, I need better ideas, but I think I've just tried kale for the first time (if I've had it before, I don't remember). I think I've seen it as a decoration on the side of the plate, but I just brought it home and fed it to the iguana :lol:

Anyway, I was out in the yard picking up something that fell off the deck, and the kale beckoned (yes, I threw the seeds in the ground last summer, and it's been growing wonderfully all winter - but I still didn't do anything but enjoy the greenery).

So, I grabbed a couple of stalks, tore the leaves off it; threw it in a fry pan with garlic and some oil until it wilted, and put a little butter on it. Hey! It's not bad! :agree:

Now, I need some more ideas, because I'd like to experiment further with it. I read somewhere that it's quite nutritious.

Fri, Mar-19-04, 11:59
I don't like bitter greens, so I really like kale. :thup: Here's my favorite kale recipe: Zuppa Toscana!! (http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?t=144020)

Thu, Mar-25-04, 00:40
I make what I call a green soup :)
boil kale or swiss chard in water that covers it by 1 ".
then add, any other green veggie: green beans, asparagus, celery, green pepper, green onions ( a must), add some chicken broth, and meatballs or left over chicken, a dash of soy sauce. I take this to work for lunch. Very healthy and tasty :)