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Mon, Mar-15-04, 18:43
I'm so happy...I took a recipe for low carb biscuits I found and revised it. What came about was a biscuit that I can now have eggs and biscuits or sausage biscuits or biscuits and cream gravy with in the mornings- :yay: :yay: :yay:

So, gotta share:

Low Carb Biscuits-(1 carb per biscuit)

1 cup Atkins Baking mix
1 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
2 tablespoons veg. oil
2 eggs beaten
4 ounces heavy cream
3 tsp. Splenda
All purpose flour for dusting
Butter, to spread over the tops of the biscuits

In a large bowl, mix the Atkins Baking Mix with the baking powder. In another bowl combine the veg. oil, eggs, heavy cream and splenda together. Pour a little at a time the egg mixture, stirring to blend all of the ingredients. Gather the dough together and dust your flat surface with flour. Knead a few minutes. Flatten and using a biscuit cutter* cut the biscuits out and place on a lightly greased-(unless using a non-stick baking pan)-pan. Bake at 350 degrees 15 to 20 minutes until brown. Spread butter on top of the biscuits.

* An easy biscuit cutter is to take an empty can and punch holes at the top. Flour the inside to use.

Tue, Mar-16-04, 17:44
How do you make cream gravy? Thanks

Tue, Mar-16-04, 18:38
Here is a recipe I found on the net...we're not allowed to post other sites on here so I hope the person who posted it on the other site doesn't see this and get upset...

Sausage Gravy for Biscuits

Sausage Gravy: -
1/2 roll sausage meat
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup water -- -if needed
salt and pepper -- to taste

Crumble sausage into a saucepan and brown/cook all the way through. Add seasonings and cream. Bring to a boil to thicken. If it gets too thick –add some water as needed.

4 carbs per serving.

Hope this helps!!!

Wed, Mar-17-04, 22:34
Do you know what the serving size is?

Sun, Mar-21-04, 19:55
Sorry it took so long to respond...I can't find the site I found that gravy off of...sorry. I've been looking for it. But, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out because the sausage is zero carbs and the heavy cream can be calculated.

Sorry wish I could find it! But, it's still low carb so that's the good news!!!

I'm gonna have biscuits and sugar-free lc syrup tomorrow for breakfast...WOOHOO!!!

Tue, Apr-13-04, 13:30
This is so absolutely wonderful. My poor husband will just do a jig. He loves biscuits.

I cannot believe I stumbled across this wonderful site....the Lord was a leading.....

Thu, Apr-15-04, 11:53
Curious, did you try it, how did you like it?

Wed, Apr-21-04, 22:46
Do you know what the carb content of the biscuits turn out to be???? Per biscuit or so???

Charlie Girl

Thu, Apr-22-04, 09:53
yes, 1 carb per biscuit.

Tue, Apr-27-04, 17:08
sorry new to low carb... what is atkins baking mix... do you buy it?


Tue, Apr-27-04, 17:17
OHHH, Leasmom!! Thank you for posting this!! I was so hungry for this the other night! Wish I had the recipe then. I settled for a crustless sausage and mushroom quiche.

Tue, Apr-27-04, 17:46
OH HAPPY DAY! eggs, cheese and biscuits for breakfast. Life is good. It was always good while on this WOE, but longer i stick with it, it gets better and better.

Wed, Apr-28-04, 06:12
I am a true biscuit an gravy brat.. It's so funny I saw this thread cause I was just saying to my friend that it's the one thing I truly miss besides my banana :)

Thu, May-13-04, 09:37
I made these last night to go w/ one of my "experiments" and they were awful....I checked and I made them as instructed. Could it be the mix? I waited to buy the "Quick Quisene" (sp) 'cause I had heard it was much better than the first version. This was the first thing I made w/ it. I hope it isn't, I don't need a canister of expensive stuff sitting in my cupboard....

Sun, May-16-04, 18:38
It's not going to taste like regular biscuits, but it'll do. The Atkins baking Mix is the kind you're to use. The biscuits won't taste like regular biscuits but you can still eat these with eggs and sausages, gravy and syrup and won't feel deprived.

Sun, May-16-04, 18:48
It's not going to taste like regular biscuits, but it'll do. The Atkins baking Mix is the kind you're to use. The biscuits won't taste like regular biscuits but you can still eat these with eggs and sausages, gravy and syrup and won't feel deprived.

I miss me some biscuits and gravy too! I am at least gonna have to try these! THX for the recipie!

I saw you are moving to Tennessee? That is where I was born and raised. We just moved FROM Tennessee to Indiana for a few years... say hi to it for me!

Mon, May-17-04, 03:44
I made these yesterday and my batter ended up really runny. Not sure if I did something wrong or not, so I experimented with it a little. I added 1/2 cup of almond flour, a tablespoon of flax meal, and 2 scoops of vanilla shake mix. It made 14 biscuits with a carb count of 1.7g after fiber. They had a nutty taste with a corn bread texture and were very satisfying. DH loved them and suggested them for strawberry shortcake. I intend to play with the recipe to try to lower the carb count.

Wed, Jul-14-04, 22:38
how large do you make your biscuits? 1" across? 2" across? I was just wondering what size of biscuit gives the 1 carb.

Thu, Jul-15-04, 04:17
DixieMamma, saying hi from Tennessee!!!

Sat, Jul-31-04, 08:45
Made them today, went great with sausage gravy! Tastes more like johnny cakes, but I like johnny cakes=) I went drop biscuit style and made 10, with a net carb count of 2 per biscuit.

Might try to sub some vital wheat gluten for some of the atkins mix and see what happens next time.

Thanks for the recipe!

Sat, Jul-31-04, 09:36

Thanks for sharing this recipe! I am going to try it very soon!


Sat, Jul-31-04, 10:58
No problem! Glad you like it yellowman!