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Wed, Mar-10-04, 07:16
Made a wonderul cake yesterday - a friend of mine came across the recipe for it in a newspaper magazine a few weeks ago - Nigel Slater's Lemon Loaf Cake (http://observer.guardian.co.uk/life/story/0,6903,591285,00.html) - and thought I'd like to see if I could adapt it to a low carb recipe because the main ingredient was ground almonds instead of flour! The following is my adaptation, and even though I say it myself, it's fabulous :thup:

Lemon Loaf Cake
(A Low Carb version of Nigel Slaterís original recipe)

Makes 8 slices
3g carbs per slice

200g butter, softened
8 tbsp Splenda
3 large eggs
40g vanilla whey protein powder
140g ground almonds
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp lemon extract
1 tsp lemon juice

Preheat oven to 350įF/180įC/Gas 4. Line a loaf tin with greaseproof paper.

Cream together the butter and Splenda, and then add the eggs one at time. Add some of the almonds between each addition to stop curdling. Fold in the rest of the flour, whey protein and lemon extract.

Spoon the mixture into the cake tin, smooth the top and then bake for approximately 35 to 40 minutes.

Take the cake from the oven and test it with a skewer Ė the point should leave the cake without any mixture stuck to it. Put it back in the oven if it needs it. When cooked, pierce the top of the cake with a skewer in eight or so places, and then drizzle the lemon juice over the cake and the holes. Leave the cake to cool in the tin.

According to Nigel, 'the cake keeps well, wrapped in foil and, thanks to the almonds, will become even more moist over the next day or two' - however, I'm afraid I have no idea because the whole cake was eaten by DH and the kids last night :eek: :lol: It's OK, I did manage to have a piece:rolleyes: :lol:

I also like Nigel's idea of serving slices of the cake with sheep's yoghurt - the next one I make, I shall try mine with a dollop of Greek yoghurt.

Sun, Mar-14-04, 06:38
I made this again yesterday to serve for dessert at a dinner party - here's a picture of it, served with Greek yoghurt :yum:

Fri, Mar-19-04, 14:20
Demi This looks so good.Thanks Ess

Sun, Mar-21-04, 17:21
Thanks, Demi, I've got this one written out ready to try next time I have folk coming round :D

Mon, Mar-22-04, 23:20
thanks demi that looks incredible.. i have some vanilla whey protein powder sitting in my cupboard from last year.. its opened but the top is sealed with a plastic lid and doesnt expire until july this year.. I hope thats OK to use (i think ill check through the forum and make sure)

i LOVE lemon loaf like this.. cant wait to try it this week!!

thanks again.. so much

Mon, Mar-22-04, 23:46
oh by the way.. there isnt any flour in this recipe, right? I mean where you put "Fold in the rest of the flour, whey protein and lemon extract" you didnt mean to type out flour, right? I just want to make sure i do this right :) **EDIT:: i realize now you were talking about the almond flour..oops!!**

also i converted it to US measurements (im too silly to measure by grams).. i hope i did this right!

Recipe Name: Lemon Loaf Cake
Category: DESSERT
Serves: 8


1 Cup Butter, softened
8 Tblsp Splenda
3 Large Egg
3 Tblsp Vanilla whey protein powder
1 1/2 Cup Almonds, ground
1 Tsp. Baking powder
2 Tsp. Lemon extract
1 Tsp. Lemon juice

Tue, Mar-23-04, 06:10
Made this yesterday and it is great!!! Not much left, my boyfriend Peter polished a load off ... plus it is something that I cant really taste the splenda in (yucky taste that I am really sensitve to), the lemon masks it!!!

Will definitely be making it again!!!!


Fri, Apr-02-04, 22:03
ive been thinking about this.. and i think you could use this recipe as a base recipe (minus the extract and lemon juice)..

i think you might be able to make a sweet almond bread that would be low carb enough for sandwiches if you reduce the amount of splenda in it.. or even add something like cream cheese and use some cinnamon instead of the flavoring.. i dont know i will play with it some probably..

when i made this i used orange extract and it came out good.. but im terrible at recipes and couldnt figure out why mine didnt rise like yours.. found out i forgot the baking powder :P my husband loved it anyways (he has severe allergies but can eat whats in this recipe)..

There are many recipes on this board for different kinds of breads, but if i can get this one to work as a base recipe that would be fabulous!

im going to make it again this weekend but do it RIGHT.

I also am going to ask in the kitchen help area if there is a way to use davinci syrup in this recipe instead of the splenda and extract.. i may still have to use some splenda but i would think not as much..

thanks again.. this is great

Sun, Apr-11-04, 11:16
Hi Demi,

I can't beleive I'm eating cake!! This is lovely. I made it this morning before breakfast and it is lovely. When I was a kid in the UK my Mum used to make a sponge cake called a Victorian sponge and it reminds me of that. I skipped the yoghurt/cream as I have found with this WOE that I often don't miss things I thought I would. Next peice I will try with some low carb spread just like a sponge cake. Thanks again.

Mon, Apr-19-04, 04:21
Hi Demi,

top marks on an excellent recipe - tastes just like Madeira cake.

Made it last night in a longer than usual loaf tin - this means we can slice it into 16 instead of eight slices, so 1.5 carbs per slice.

We had a slice each for supper last night with butter spread on it - lovely!

I've been having cake-cravings recently, and this has really sorted them.



Mon, Apr-19-04, 06:16
I love this recipe and have done a few variations ... I have made an almond and cherry cake (swapped the lemon essence and juice for almond essence and put in a few chopped cherries) ... and also a coconut and cherry cake ... swapped the lemon extract/juice for coconut extract and also put in quite a lot of dessicated coconut (on top of the ingredients for the lemon loaf) ... this is really moist, although for some reason my taste-buds hate splenda and coconut together ...

Anyways ... I was toying with the idea of making a coffee and walnut cake based on this recipe, and also a chocolate one ... will wait until after I have stopped KISS'ing as I would be too tempted to try them out!!!

Thanks again Demi for a great recipe!!!


Mon, Apr-19-04, 06:48
Lemon cake is the only way this girl eats anything lemon.Thank you so much for tinkering with it for us. Saves me alot of time. (hehehe)
Big {{hugz}}} Demi :)

PS.. Try making it with Strawberry extract and DiVincci strawberry sf gormet syrup

Mon, Apr-19-04, 23:48
ok i guess my conversion was a bit off.. the butter should 2 sticks MINUS 2 tablespoons..

BlitzedAng.. the strawberry was exactly what i wanted to try.. did it require you to change anything within the recipe to do this (like less splenda)?

Wed, Apr-21-04, 22:15
also.. another poster was kind enough to point out to me my conversion on the whey powder was off also.. sorry to mess up this thread.. if only i could edit :rolleyes:

ANYHOW.. i use designer whey and it would be 1/2 c NOT 3 tbs (who knows where I got that from!)

Wed, Apr-28-04, 06:14
This is another one I printed out for my "must try" folder. Thanx a bunch.

Sun, May-23-04, 09:45
I have soo many in my folder,lol. I have tried so many diff flavors for the kids. They liked them all except the orange. Im still stuck on lemon,YUMMMMM. MAYBE I'll get around to a cinnamon version :)


Sun, May-23-04, 11:43
I love this recipe and improvise on it regularly ... I always throw in a samll handful of coconut on top of the ingredienants as it helps with the texture, and normally I also add a handful of various crushed nuts ... my boyfriend loves it!!!


Mon, May-31-04, 08:05
Great recipe!
I made a banana bread variation, using 1 tsp of vanilla extract and 1 tsp of banana extract. It turned out very yummy, I'll have to get some walnuts to put in next time. I also found a lemon curd recipe on the forum that I had with the lemon loaf, that was great! Thanks so much, Demi!


Wed, Aug-24-05, 14:33

It's a great recipe but at 8 slices it's 460 calories a slice. I hope everyone can stop at one slice :nono:

I halved the recipe, made a round cake somewhat thinner, (20 minutes baking) and put a little keto jam (2 tbslsp) and whipped cream (50g) on the top. Then I divided it into 12 slices to give 160 calories a slice, 1 net carb.:yum:

Wed, Nov-02-05, 09:16
I know this thread is old but I've just joined up here and was browsing :)

Becareful in using Whey Protein Powders in cooking where heat is involved. Whey Protein will denature when heat is applied making it basically useless.

Go with a milk based protein or use an egg protein powder instead when cooking where heat is involved.

Hope this helps.

Nancy LC
Wed, Nov-02-05, 09:36
Hi Demi,

top marks on an excellent recipe - tastes just like Madeira cake.

Ah! I was thinking the recipe looked like it might. :D

This is great! I can't eat flour any longer, not even low carb, so perhaps I'll make this and some Lemon Curd for thanksgiving.


Wed, Nov-02-05, 11:57
What is "Greek yoghurt"

Nancy LC
Wed, Nov-02-05, 13:05
It is high fat yogurt that has been strained so the whey comes out of it. Its quite low in carbs.

Thu, Nov-03-05, 05:21
Becareful in using Whey Protein Powders in cooking where heat is involved. Whey Protein will denature when heat is applied making it basically useless.

Go with a milk based protein or use an egg protein powder instead when cooking where heat is involved.

All protein denatures when it is heated. Steaks, eggs, fish, whatever. That why egg whites and fish go opaque when they get cooked. Even marinading fish in an acid like lime juice will 'denature' it. All protein gets denatured in your stomach after you have eaten it. This does not mean it is "useless" or has no food value anymore! Denaturing means the original folded structure of the protein has been modified. Your body has to break down protein foods into amino acids in order to absorb them.


Thu, Jan-12-06, 11:57
You guys (all you) are makeing my hungry!!! LOL This looks GOOD! Great job! Can't wait to try it! Where do you buy your ingrediants for this stuff!? I usually don't like cook or bake much.. but when you see things like THIS it makes me want to cook, and becaues I'm home all day I could do this! lol Let me know where about you get all the stuff to go inside it! Thanks hun!

Mon, Jan-16-06, 15:14
Gay, how did you derive at the calorie content of a slice of this cake? I know there's a lot of butter in it, but what else would make it so calorie rich?

Wed, May-03-06, 12:53
Can anyone help me with the conversions? I used this page: http://www.recipegoldmine.com/kitchart/kitchart2.html

So it would be:
7/8 cup butter, softened
8 TBL splenda
3 eggs
1/3 cup vanilla whey protein powder
7/8 cup ground almonds
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp lemon extract
1 tsp lemon juice

Is that correct? I'd like to make this for myself as a birthday cake, and I don't want to mess it up. :)

Wed, May-03-06, 15:53
There was an earlier thread doing conversions, and I think the almond flour was supposed to be 1 1/2 cups and the vanilla whey protein powder was 1/2 cup. The butter conversion was 2 sticks minus 2 tablespoons. :)

Wed, May-03-06, 20:47
So, I made this tonight based on the conversions I listed in my last post. DANG....it's good!!!!!!!! You get eight generous slices and each is very lemony, dense, and rich...with a crispy edge. I slavered on more butter, made some bacon and iced espresso, and had a fabulous breakfast-for-dinner. Then I took a couple slices to my LC sister...she loved it too. Of course, she loves it that even LC, I still bake all the time!!!

Highly recommended!! :)

Sun, Jul-30-06, 21:21
:thup: I made this today...it is wonderful. :thup:

Sat, Aug-19-06, 20:50
I just made this recipe but instead put spoons fulls into non stick bakeware cupcakes and had one with whipped cream and low carb jam!!!

Wed, Sep-06-06, 08:41
i do not like protein powder in anything. what can be used instead of the protein vannilla powder? sue

Wed, Sep-06-06, 08:49
i do not like protein powder in anything. what can be used instead of the protein vannilla powder? sue
The only thing I can think of to suggest is to use more ground almonds in place of the protein powder.

Wed, Sep-06-06, 18:10
You might also try a different brand of protien powder. I know any soy powders leave a nasty aftertaste for me, no matter what they are baked in. I have found the Designer Whey protien to be much better tasting in baking, though I wouldn't want to drink it. There are other whey protien shakes I prefer for actual shake making.

Tue, Sep-26-06, 19:20
Would those of you who have successfully made this, please put the American equivelants for the butter, protein powder and almond flour?

Thank you in advance. *‹*

Thu, May-24-07, 19:03
I know the person askign this was from a log time ago, but bumping this up by answering her question. The US equivalents are on the first page, but here they are again:

1 1/2 cups almond flour
1/2 cup vanilla whey protein pwder
2 sticks of butter minus 2 tbsp

Thu, May-31-07, 20:42
Thank you yummys gir for posting back with the measurements, that was very nice of you! *‹*

Thu, May-31-07, 22:02
This sounds so good! I was thinking of staying on the dairy wrung of the OWL ladder for one more week, but now I want to add nuts and seeds back in so I can make this! I'm going to make it today. :)

Fri, Jun-01-07, 01:02
Let us know how you like it. I always like hearing everyone's opinion!

Fri, Jun-01-07, 15:01
Yum! This was so good. I was going to have it with tea and make lemon butter or a lemon cream cheese frosting for it, but I had a taste and didn't want to wait! I had 1/2 a slice right after it cooled, and another 1/4 slice just now. I'm not sure if it's very filling, or if I just don't have much of an appetite today.

I woke up to find 3 slices missing. My low-fatting mom says she had one slice, and took two to work for a coworker. A likely story. ;)

This recipe has so many possibilites! I replaced half of the Splenda with a tablespoon of vanilla SF syrup to lower the carb count. At the store I saw vanilla nut butter flavoring. Next time I'll use that instead of the lemon extract, and I'll drizzle a mixture of vanilla and hazelnut SF syrup over the top of the cake instead of the lemon juice. For something more like pound cake, I could grind the almonds finer, use butter extract, and drizzle butter over the top. :yum:

Thank you, Demi. You've created a monster. :lol:

Fri, Aug-15-08, 23:56
I made it!!
I really like its texture but the protein powder ruined it...
I used whole food's vanilla whey protein and it tastes kinda weird...but acceptable( i wouldnt let anyone taste it though haha...have to finish the whole loaf myself )

I didnt use lemon extract and used like 3 tbps of lemon juice..it turns out there's no lemon flavor at all...I guess the lemon taste really has to be lemon extract right?

next time Im going to replace the whey protein powder with coconut flour ~!
and i plan to replace half of the butter with strawberry sauce !!
let's c how it turns out

Thu, Jul-15-10, 17:46
I am making this cake right now, my kitchen smells awesome!!! Can hardly wait to try it.

Thu, Jul-15-10, 20:40
All I can say is YUMMY!

Try this one if you love lemon, it is awesome.

Fri, Jul-16-10, 15:01
I'm going to make this with Unflavoured whey protein powder and add 1 tsp vanilla extract as well as add the zest of the entire lemon....

mmmm, I can almost taste it now :)

Fri, Jul-16-10, 15:28
I'm going to make this with Unflavoured whey protein powder and add 1 tsp vanilla extract as well as add the zest of the entire lemon....

mmmm, I can almost taste it now :)

I used vanilla whey from GNC, smelled just like vanilla pudding. I also added 1 teaspoon of vanilla to mine and also the zest of the lemon in the cake batter as well. Great minds think alike. :)

Hope you enjoy, we sure did.

Fri, Jul-16-10, 15:48
I might give this a try with some raspberries dropped in. Lemon and raspberry together are my fave