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Sat, Mar-06-04, 13:26
100g dessicated coco nut
50g almond flour
50g soy isolate protein powder
3 large teaspoons cocoa powder
some 85% chocolate or s/f dark chocolate broken very small.
half teaspoon baking soda
two tablesppons splenda

2 or 3 medium eggs
spash of heavy cream
50g melted butter

Mix liquid ingedients
Add the other ingredients and mix well. If mixture is too dry add more cream.

Put into blobs onto baking tray and bake for a bout 10 mins on a medium oven or put into containers and nuke for about 3 to 4 mins.

Sometimes they turn out more like little cakes than cookies but they are still good.

Sat, Mar-06-04, 19:23

These sound wonderful, didn't think I could have something like this :rolleyes:

Is it possible to convert it over to measurements that I would know, cups, ounces, or tablespoons? I am not sure what g is grams? but what would that be in ounces or cups? Thanks :wiggle:

Sun, Mar-07-04, 14:16

Thank you for directing me!! I am going to try these out.


Sun, Mar-14-04, 05:02
Ohh... I just happen to have some 85% cocoa and some coconut. I wonder if it would work with whey powder instead of soy though. I might try this using designey whey chocolate powder for somethig like double chocolate cookies and substatue coconut cream for the heavy cream. The coconut cream is more of a solid then whipping cream though so i wonder if I would have to cut it with some half and half maybe.

Other question, would you say 350 degree oven? If you do it in microwave could you still put them into balls in the container, or would they run together?

Sun, Mar-14-04, 06:33
Hi SeeMyself, 30 grams is about 1 ounce. Funny to see an American struggling instead - it's usually me fighting with fitday to figure out how much lettuce a cup is.

Hi LadyBelle, I use the cream to stop the mixture from becoming too dry. Maybe the half and half would be better. If you make them into balls or make a more liquid dough is up to you. The only problem I have with them is that they sometimes turn out more like little cakes - but they are still delicious.

With regard to oven, we have a different system here. I do them on gas mark 6 which is about the same as you would roast a chicken on.

Taste the mixture - if it isn't sweet enough for youadd more splenda - I don't like anything too sweet.