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Sat, Aug-18-01, 16:04
I am considering a LC diet but dont like meat much, Could a diet be constructed using protien powder and salads with flax oil for the fat. If so any tips on how to do this would be greatly appreciated

Sat, Aug-18-01, 20:41
Hi Geoff

Welcome to the Forum and to the Low Carbing World.

Is your aversion just to meat? What I mean is: are you quite happy eating fish, chicken, eggs? If so then that should be quite easy.

If not, the Protein Powder would certainly help. Check out Recipies in the Red Bar at the top for vegetarian (or non-meat) recipies.

There are vegetarian Low-carbers. Here's a website: http://www.immuneweb.org/lowcarb/ you might find worth checking out.

By the way how did you hear about LC diets?
Take care

Mon, Aug-20-01, 02:29
I do eat some meat ( I'm not A vegetarian) but I don't like eating much. I really need some quick easy ideas that travel well in the car and as im not a very good cook they need to be very simple. Everything I cook tastes the same, other peoples cooking always tastes great.

Tue, Aug-21-01, 12:37
There was a wonderful thread about another member who spent a lot of time on the road.

Explore and you might find it. I'll see if I can find it and give you a link to it.

Have you read any books on Low-Carbing? There is a lot of reading material just browsing through this site. Take it slowly. We all learn and support each other.
Take care.

Thu, Aug-23-01, 05:54
Thanks for the help, I have read the Atkins book and many Bodybuilding books, Frankly im a bit confused.

Would a Whey Protien drink, and large salad with some flaxseed oil be a good meal to eaat on a regular basis?

a couple more questions if I can stretch the friendship,

1/ do I need to eat 6 times a day as the bodybulding book promote?

2/ I am a poor cook and need to develop about 6 simple tasty meals that I can become proficiant at, I work long hours and have to cook for my 2 children 7 & 8 yrs each day when I gat home so the meals have to be suitable for them as well.

Currently I have 4 rambled eggs for breakfast and 150 grams cold meat with a large salad foir lunch. Dinner is my problem area.

Can you help?


Thu, Aug-23-01, 13:58
{Would a Whey Protien drink, and large salad with some flaxseed oil be a good meal to eaat on a regular basis? } It does rather depend what goes in the salad. I think yes it would be fine to have on a regular basis.

Two of my three meals a day are salad. I usually have lettuce, cauliflour (often raw), cucumber, 1 tomato, olive oil (flaxseed oil would be fine too) and chicken/fish/meat in my salad.

You don't have to have six meals a day. My policy is to make sure I get three meals a day because if I skip a meal I tend to crave carbohydrates as my blood sugar drops. And then IF I feel hungry in between then to have a snack of boiled egg or celery sticks with peanut butter etc. Do whatever works for you.

My breakfast is usually an omelete. But I add something to the egg eg prawns or chicken pieces or 2-3 mushrooms. One of my favourites is a veg pancake: eggs/ Soya flour / aubergine -diced very small/ spices and herbs to taste.

Are you looking after the children on your own?

Take care