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Sun, Feb-22-04, 23:56
Thunderously good that is!

and this is EASY!

Here is how it went for me:

1.5 c tepid water
1 c Vital Wheat Gluten
1 c Flax Meal
3/4 c Barley Flour
pkg fast rise yeast
couple of cranks of fresh ground pepper - call it 1 t (but my grinder was set for coarse and it CRANKS, but as you like it)
same amount of garlic, same considerations, I used T, you can use t
1.5 t caraway seeds - those of you longing for rye bread, this gives it a savory kick in that direction!.

I set my machine for dough, and let it do its thing.

when I came back three hours later, I Found a beautifully risen lump O Dough, and flumped it out into my giant Tfal pan. After spraying my hands with Pam (yeah, I know, but it washes off, and my hands feel delightfully soft and silky! http://www.iboats.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

anyway, I formed four hot dog rolls and four hamburger bun sized rolls, then brushed them with a beaten egg and put more black pepper and garlic on top (sesame seeds and poppy seeds are on my list!)

350 for 40 mins on a well Pammed pan and BA DA BOOM!

Dr Rays Thunder Rolls!

I sprayed one while it was still warm with butter spray (I cant believe Im not using butter!!!!! LOL)

Crunchy crust, chewy inside, wow is this GOOD! More carbs than my gluten and flax meal wonders, but its barley, the lowest glycemic grain on the planet, cant hurt ya! (Induction folk might want to avoid it, but if this is your bread, hmmmmm, well, Im sure the cross linked protein in the gluten and the fiber in the flax negates those carbs)

Ill tell you tomorrow about how well they work once cooled, Im predicting with my usual modesty that these are gonna be GREAT!

Mon, Feb-23-04, 18:39
I thought you needed sugar for the yeast? Sorry...not much of a bread baker :) Do you know carb count?

Mon, Feb-23-04, 21:59
apparently the barley has carbs for the yeast to metabolize, they are very breadlike inside, but ummm - I cant imagine they have much in the way of carbs

Im sure someone has a carb counter that can handle it, fitday doesnt have those carb counts

Im sure a shot of splenda and a touch of salt would make it taste more Americanized, but they are great as is

Tue, Feb-24-04, 10:28
In a bread machine, could this be baked as a loaf of bread ya think? Or should it be baked in la'oven as rolls?

Tue, Feb-24-04, 10:37
carb count=13 carbs/roll...that is the ECC w/o fiber!

Tue, Feb-24-04, 18:52
ECC? so that is the total carbs including fiber? From what I understand, the gluten is loaded with protein and the flax loaded with fiber, so those two things bring the glycemic index into the basement

Im going to do some experiments with grinding some barley into a rough flour and steaming it, then adding it to the mixture, that should bring the gly index down even further

Did you get a fiber count per roll?

(Im starting to feel like a mad scientist concocting a Frankenstein, lol, I think Ill start working on my Evil Laugh)

Wed, Feb-25-04, 17:11
lol...mad scientist...
ok...I added the whole thing up, subtracted fiber, then divied by the # of rolls you mentioned above.
After I subtracted all the fiber...that was the count per roll. The barley flour has 110g of carbs per cup with 15g of fiber. zoinks...lol :)

Tue, Mar-02-04, 21:00
Drats! Foiled again!

::fiendishly twirling moustache::

ok, so 1/4 cup barley would give 27 minus 7 20 divide by 8 ... ::taking off shoes, ran out of fingers:: umm so thats 2.5 barley grams, double the gluten, subtract some flax, add some wheat bran ...

ok Gizmo, I dub thee Noble Mad Scientist Assistant Igor, lol, what does 2 cups gluten, 1/4 barley, 1/8 flax, 1/8 sesame seeds and 1/2 wheat bran equal?

Besides a hell of a mess in the bread machine, lol, Ill see if this winds up to be a DOUGH! (think homer simpson, lol) or not, lately everything Ive been making with soy flour has been flumping into a wet mess that tastes lousy, damn shame to see The Mighty Doc sobbing every time the lid gets lifted on yet another disaster, but this one should work, ive figured it out!

::Evil laughter receeding into the Laboratory ... err, kitchen ...::


Tue, Mar-02-04, 22:14
Minor adjustment: Arrowhead Mills, proud sponsor of BreadZilla Industries, Inc, provides 15 net carbs per 1/4 cup of barley flour (19-4) so I added 3/8 cup if it, and 1/8 cup bran, so it all evens out. The machine is having a devil of a time whomping that dough ball around, it actually looks like a dough ball, lol, maybe that was the problem all along, I was making bread pudding and I needed to be making bread dough! I thought I was keepnig with the proportions of Thunder Rolls, but just a little less gluten

that was the blunder I suppose

Anyway, this batch smells good, looks good, if it doesnt explode all over the kitchen, I think its going to be a success!


Wed, Mar-03-04, 00:10
still a half hour to go and its lifting the lid on the bread maker, I think Ive got a riser here, lol, no flumping on this loaf!

and it smells GOOD, not horrid, lol, hey, this ones gonna be GOOD!!!! I can tell!


Wed, Mar-03-04, 00:38
So its sorta a success, the ratio is ok, just have to knock it down by a third, or double it and divide the batch by three (Im an evil scientist, not a mathematician Jim!)




(homers reaction to the doughy mess inside the machine, lol)

let it rise, then take it out and make ROLLS with the mess

boil and make BAGELS, yummmmm


well live and learn. Even us Evil Scientists need a learning curve, lol


(I got the hang of evil laughter if nothing else!)