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Fri, Feb-20-04, 10:16
Well, I am up by a pound but I expected as much. I am not even going to sweat it because there are a couple of underlying factors that caused this. One, my low carb binge didn't help, I'm sure. Two, I have a horrible cold and am taking meds for it and I don't know what affect they have on weight loss. Three, and this is the biggie, I am having to take Percocet and Soma because I am having a FMS flare up. Could be because of the cold or the weather but it is something that happens from time to time and something I have learned to live with. Exercise right now is next to impossible because of the pain in my knee, hip and right arm. I am retaining water, which goes with a flare up, hence the reason I am not too concerned about the gain. When the flare up subsides, the water weight will go away too. I have also been eating way too many hot dogs because I haven't felt good enough to cook. I have to limit myself on those I think because they do have a lot of sodium in them and my body does love to retain water. Ok, enough blabbering.

Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1 sausage patty, coffee

Lunch: 2 pcs. chicken

Snack: 2 lc peanut butter cups

Dinner: 2 hot dogs with cheese, 2 slices low carb bread *3 carbs per slice*

I don't ever use the low carb bread, I bought it for my daughter but I was feeling lousy so....

Ahhh well, today is another day. I am still in pain but hoping the Percocet will kick in shortly. This rainy, switch to bitter cold, then back to rainy weather every other day doesn't help but spring will be here soon. So I just keep plugging along, knowing that even on this 'bad pain day' I still feel better than before starting low carbing. Hopefully I can walk, at least a little tonight. I miss it, believe it or not.