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Wed, Feb-18-04, 23:24
I have been on Montignac for 5 weeks and now and I haven't lost any weight. Its that time of the month so I am feeling quite bloated etc..etc...at the moment but overall I haven't noticed any difference in my body (shape, waist etc..etc...). I am just about ready to throw the book in the bin and forget about he whole thing. Anyone out there gone through thesame thing? Not loosing weight initially? I thought maybe on the 4th or 5th week I would start loosing but nothing!.

I am eating pretty healthy I think; have cut out carbs except for whole grain toast in the mornings, lots of salads, vegies, fruit, water (real struggle but I am driking some!) etc.

Very dissapointing...

Thu, Feb-19-04, 01:54
I have a friend in Belarus who lost a lot of weight on it. It is important to eat the fruit apart from everything else about an hour after and an hour before as it causes an insulin spike.. You might like to try cutting out the toast for the same reason (sorry).

Not all diets suit all people. If Montignac is not working for you, you mught like to try something stricter (like Atkins)?

Don't throw the book out - send it to me! I've always wanted to read it and my friends copy was in Russian.

Thu, Feb-19-04, 09:13
How differently are you eating now compared to when you started? If it's not that much of a change, the effects would take longer to show up.
When I started Atkins I went from 300 grams of carb a day to 40. I saw results within 2 weeks.

Thu, Feb-19-04, 09:14
Also, I have to add, I'm a bit skeptical about food combining, having tried it several years ago and finding it a lot of bother with no results.
I mean, if it's this much effort, how natural is it to us?

Thu, Feb-19-04, 20:28
Thanks for the replies. Well I think I will defenitely look into cutting out bread all together..

A normal day for me is:


1 nectarine
Orange juice (Sugar free) = 15 mins before

2 slices of whole grain toast
Strawberry Jam (Suga free)
1 glass of low fat milk
1 decaf skinny latte


1 tub of low fat yoghurt
10 almonds


1 piece of fish or chicken roasted or grilled with salad
Low fat yoghurt or ice cream (small)


1 Apple
Decaf tea (no suga)


1 glass of low fat milk
tuna salad - lemon, lettuce, mushrooms, ocacionally avocado, cucumber, tomatoes


low fat yoghurt or decaf coffee

Am I really off base here? Is that why maybe I haven't lost anything weight? maybe i am snacking too much? what do you think?

Pat S.
Fri, Feb-20-04, 11:06
Hi I tried combining and have all the books but it didn't work for me it doesn't for everyone. The one thing I notice is you are eating an awful lot of dairy and fruit. The problem I see is to much sugar, dairy and fruit are full of it. You need some protein in the morning not carbs or sugar in the form of fruit or dairy. If you are going to eat fruit don't drink juice that is a no no the sugar content is to high.
I know in order to lose weight combining a person has to cut out all sugar and not eat carbs in the weight loss faze of the diet.
Good Luck, Pat S. :rose:

Fri, Feb-20-04, 12:57
I can't see the science in the way you are eating - but then I'm an Atkins man! I agree - it looks like an awful lot of sugar to me.

If this really isn't working for you maybe you should consider switching plans.

Sat, Feb-21-04, 20:25
Hi Tachi,

I used to follow the Montignac method. What really helped me is when I started using www.fitday.com. Entering everything I eat on fitday gave me real control over my diet. I just found the right number of grams of carbs, protein and fat for my body and followed it. Finding those numbers was a real challenge but I am so happy with the results!

I still eat All-bran with milk in the morning, but I keep my carbs around 60g daily and I am loosing. I know a lot of people on Atkins thinks 60g of carbs are way too much to loose weight but it is what works best for me. I guess I eat less fat than they do; too much fat gets me sick!

Sun, Feb-22-04, 07:40
I have been on Montignac for 2 weeks now.
Im wondering if you eat fat?
I donīt see fat in your list of food for one day??
You have to eat fat, your list looks like when I was on WeightWatchersdiet.
Lots of vegetables but non-fat.

Good luck!


Sun, Feb-22-04, 21:29
Ocasionally I eat a piece of steak, cold ham or maybe salami but not much.

After some serious thought I realise that I can't live without 'sugar'! i rather not eat and be able to have my juices, fruit and low fat yoghurt!! Its terrible..I will endevour to cut out bread and so much dairy (even though Montignac allows skim milk as much as you want and low fat yoghurt) I will see how I go this time around..


Wed, Feb-25-04, 05:33
I realise it is hard giving up sugar, which is why most of us are here, we are addicted to sugar. I didn't think I could give it up either, but after induction, thinking of eating anything with sugar in it is almost repulsive. I had to help out with morning tea the other day and accidently got lemon butter on my finger, only a smidgeon, I would normally lick it off and then wash my hands, I thought eww and washed my hands without licking. I still eat sweet things, only occasionally though, sometimes sf jelly but even that is cutting down. I bought some sugarfee chocolate to try and it only takes one small piece to quell my sweettooth, before I would have scoffed the whole thing.

Try cutting your sugar intake down, even the sf sweeteners, if you are really admanant about losing weight there are some sacrifices to make. Atkins has a strict induction period to help rid the sugar addiction, only sf jelly is allowed. If you don't want to go that far, just try cutting intake in half to see if that works.

Fri, Mar-19-04, 11:15
I started with Montignac in 2000. I've lost 50 pounds on this diet. I recently purchased his new book and see that it is different from the one I started with. The new one (for Americans) allows for more food in my opinion. This is what I basically ate to lose the weight.
Breakfast: brown rice or multi grain hot cereal with fructose and skim milk, Coffee
Lunch: salad with several veggies and some protein such as an egg, meat or cheese; tea with skim milk
Snack: apple or orange
Dinner: meat and two veggies or one veggie and salad. 2 glasses of red wine. Sometimes I'd have basmati or brown rice with my dinner which is perfectly okay.
If I was hungry in the a.m. I'd have some almonds and during berry season I would eat as many berries as I liked.
There is another version of his diet out there especially for women because our bodies metabolize differently.
I did not drink juice ever and didn't eat fruit in the morning. Other than the fructose on my cereal I didn't have any other than what naturally occurs in fruit and veggies.
I really like this diet but do think he's added too much food and sugars to appease the American palate. :rolleyes:

star angel
Mon, Jul-12-04, 04:21
my copy of eat yourself slim was translated from french and must be different to the ones everyone else has because you're not supposed to eat carbs same time as protein, ie you have to leave 3 hours between these food types

so you won't see any weight loss if you drink milk (protein) at the same time as eating toast (carb) and did you put butter on your toast? You should only eat toast with jam or similar carb.

this is the only diet i have ever lost weight with

it worked wonders in just a week

and because you don't have to count fat or carbs or calories, you don't starve thus causing thyroid/metabolism problems.

when I get in i will check out which version of this book I have....

best diet for me

30mins after rising:

breakfast - porridge + herbal tea

3 hours later:

eggs - fried/boiled/poached/whatever

3 hours later:

lunch - brownbread sandwich with salad stuff or similar (no protein) and no butter + herbal tea

3 hours later:

sausage/bacon/tuna/any other protein

3 hours later:

dinner - ordinary meal, without potatoes or bread, meat & two veg kind of thing

only no no's were

white flour
corn maize etc
root vegetables
coffee & tea
water with food

now I know the fruit can be eaten quote: 'if you must' but I can't remember if you eat it on a full or empty stomach.

anyway it worked for me