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Tue, Feb-10-04, 01:15
the ol ball and chain wants to go to the diner for breakfast, and we used to get scrapple and eggs with home fries or chipped beef over home fries, rye on the side *specials*

they are cheap and filling and a time out, someone else cooking, cleaning, etc

but with me on low carb binge, I dont know .... would chipped beef over oatmeal (low glycemic index) be a sound idea?

Cause potatoes, as much as a love em, gotta go, they just GOT TO GO

I would go low gly the rest of the day, make breakfast the dinner and dinner the light salad meal

maybe egg beaters and scrapple and oatmeal, lol, or pork roll or italian sausage or SOMETHING, I just dont know what!

seems to me that oatmeal would be a good low glycemic carb to have OR is it the case that you ditch ALL the carbs initially?

Tue, Feb-10-04, 05:43
My son and I just went to one of the local diners here in the Baltimore area on Saturday night and they were more than happy to accomodate me. I found they were more accomodating to me than Glory Days Grill, where when I said I didn't want the potato dish, the waitress looked at me like I had 2 heads!:yawn:
The two diners that I am thinking of have lots of food that would work on the diet and a rather extensive ala carte menu. I am not sure the oatmeal at our diner would be an option, but how about egg or egg substitute along with canadian bacon, minus the home fries? I haven't tried going to the diner for breakfast yet. Personally, I think it would be so easy for me to cheat there because that is the one place I DO like potatoes! The only two potato dishes I love are home fries and potato pancakes. I had some awesome pommes anna when I visited Paris this past fall, but we have nothing like that here thankfully, because I would be even bigger then I am! For me to go for breakfast at a diner would be the ultimate in willpower, but knowing what they have to eat, I think that the menu choices would be a lot better than say Bob Evans or Denny's, just because I think they might be a little more flexible.

Tue, Feb-10-04, 11:00

The potatoes have to go. And the flour used to thicken the chipped beef would be a killer, as the milk. (I'm sure they don't use real cream...)

seems to me that oatmeal would be a good low glycemic carb to have OR is it the case that you ditch ALL the carbs initially?

You don't have to ditch ALL the carbs initially, just the "bad" ones. Like bread. Even oatmeal. Veggie carbs get the green light. But who wants to eat chipped beef over green beans? Come to think of it, that doesn't sound too bad...

You can have eggs and bacon, or exotic sausages, all you want. But forget the potatoes. Forever. I know, I know, it's sad. Maybe someday they will invent a fake potato...<sigh>