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Mon, Feb-02-04, 22:14
Hi there all,

I made this for guests last night and it was great as a side dish to compliment my chicken green curry and shirotaki noodles. All the ingredients are pretty low carb too which is great

Bok Choi - coarsely chopped 300 - 400 gms
Mushrooms - 100-150gms thick sliced raw
Bamboo shoots raw- handful(!) -optional
Sesame seeds - 4 tsps
Minced ginger - 1 heaped tablespoon
Oil (1 tbsp) (preferably sesame seed, but I used olive oil)
LC soy sauce - 2-3 tbsp
Splenda (optional) 1-2 tsps

In a wok roast the sesame seeds dry, then add a the oil and soy sauce (careful it will splutter if on too high heat (just take off the heat while stirring). Add in the minced ginger and fry for a few secs before chucking in the mushrooms (and bamboo shoots if using). Saute for 30-40secs then add in chopped Bok Choi with a couple of tbsps water and cover for 1minute to wilt the greens. Uncover and stir, let some of the water evaporate to thicken the juices then serve!:agree:

Now last night I scooped out the veggies leaving the sauce to thicken in the wok and then( for my guests added in some honey -2 tsps-) Once this was mix was a little thicker I poured it over their portions. I went without the extra and mine was still good, but would be worth trying one to two teaspoons of splenda instead of honey and resulting juice poured over veggies. This is so quick and easy..and yummy! ENJOY...carb counts ..mmm havent got that far, but it is all pretty low stuff (with good amounts of fibre). To cut down just avoid the splenda bit, pretty good without any sweetening.:wiggle: