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Sun, Jan-18-04, 16:45
I thought that maybe some experienced turtles could give me some advice. I have determined by trial and error that I do not/cannot/will not burn ANY fat on anything but induction level...even while exercising! My last induction was my third, it lasted for two weeks and I lost approximately 3 lbs. and ended up horribly depressed. I AM A FAITHFUL EXERCISER. I have been LC ing for approx. 18 months and have not seen a doctor nor had any testing. The only information I can find is what Atkins says about "metabolic resistance." I get the impression that he would put all his patients on at least a low-dose of thyroid med.(?) I just can't see how this is normal, especially since I am involved in an exercise program that gets amazing results for some people. I'm weary and fed up, but terrified to get off this plan.

Sun, Jan-18-04, 18:18
Hi Greenwings,

First of all, what's the NHE plan? I haven't heard of that one.

I am a definite turtle, but have in the last couple of weeks begun losing consistently. I am now following a KISS version of Atkins. KISS means no dairy, no nuts and nothing whatever that is processed. Here are the rules: http://www.angelfire.com/rnb/irock/kiss_rules.html

It may sound drastic, but for me it is the only thing that is working. I obviously have intolerances to some foods. I already know that whenever I eat nuts, I immediately gain. :daze: The thing is with KISS, after a few weeks you can gradually add in other foods, and just see how your body reacts.

I don't know what exactly you have been eating, but you might like to give KISS a try.

All the best! :)


Sun, Jan-18-04, 20:33
I am guessing this NHE is Natural Hormonal Enhancement whose information is found here http://hormonalfitness.com/nhe1.htm

The paperback book is $29.97 discounted from $39.97 on the website. I can't figure out whether a person is expected to continue buying other products.

If you aren't losing on this plan, perhaps you need to change your plan?

With all the exercising, you could be adding muscle weight while actually burning fat. Have you noticed any difference in how your clothes fit? LCers often find that they look great at a higher weight than they expected.

Mon, Jan-19-04, 06:40
Yes, Tofi, you're right. It was developed by Rob Faigin, body builder and personal trainer. It's a great plan...but...I've been reading "Women, Weight and Hormones" by Elizabeth Lee Vliet. She says that women need to be wary of any diet created by a man! This hormone stuff is complicated, and I'm having a hard time making sense of it all. I have not seen a doctor in quite some time, and even then, it wasn't a "good" one! Yes, I've got lots of muscle, (because I believed that would burn the fat) but, as far as I'm concerned, it's a BIG FAT LIE! The problem is at the waist, and I guarantee you, it's NOT muscle!

Rosebud, I checked out the link and that may be what I need to do. However, I think I'm suffering from battle fatigue...and I feel that I can't go on...but I also feel I can't stop, so I guess that means I'm trapped!!! I've been spinning my wheels for too long now, and I'm worn out and weary and my mood has suffered. I never liked meat to begin with, and I despise cooking or fixing anything! Somehow, I need to find a way to re-group and gather my strength. If I won the lottery, the FIRST thing I'd do is hire a personal chef!!!

Regarding food intolerances, people keep telling me about NAET. (www.naet.com) They swear it works wonderfully! I don't understand it, but have ordered the book. Supposedly, you can be immediately "cleared" of the allergy if you avoid it for 25 hours after treatment. Sounds too good to be true, but so many people rave about it, it's got my curiosity.

Wed, Jan-21-04, 06:35

To your knowledge, are allergies/intolerances the only reason for doing the KISS version? Are there any other reasons why this might be necessary? Just wondering...

Wed, Jan-21-04, 10:36
I'm not Rosebud, but I can answer your question. :)

KISS keeps you on the straight and narrow. It's low-carbing at it's most basic and edges into the territory of a Paleolithic plan.

Many long term low-carbers find themselves getting complacent. They don't necessarily stray into carbs-ville, but their eating habits can get sloppy. A few too many nuts, a few too many LC sweets etc. KISS recallibrates you and gets you back on the right path again.

You could have certain allergies or intolerances to vegetables, nuts or eggs, so KISS won't entirely address those issues.


Wed, Jan-21-04, 10:54
Hormones are definitely a factor in fat distribution. High insulin contributes to "high fat distribution" around the waist for women, instead of around the hips (like me!)
Other hormones can be a factor as well. You don't say anywhere how old you are, so if menopause or pre-menopause is not a factor, there might be some thyroid going on (though if you can exercise for a while without struggling, that's a sign your thyroid can't be that sluggish.)
I also got the impression that people who are very resistant tend to GAIN weight readily, and you don't complain of that either, just the losing.
It can't hurt to have a checkup, if you can afford it. Also, there's a thread about "How fat moves around" that is very interesting:


For instance, over the Thanksgiving holidays my in-laws commented on how my face was rather gaunt. I had stopped losing by then and was cruising on Maintenance.
Two months later my face looks great (avatar is recent) and I've lost three more pounds from my hips & waist.

Wed, Jan-21-04, 12:34
Karen, I do love the nuts. I usually don't feel completely satisfied after a meal, and the nuts (mostly almonds) help with that and the urge to crunch. What causes that?

adkpam, I am 44. I don't know where I'm at hormonally, still having regular periods, but VERY light. Have had bad PMS for years. That post was interesting, but I'm not sure I understand it. The fat I'm dealing with is new fat, it runs diagonally down my back and around the waist. I didn't have this when I was younger. The big gain happened in '97 when I took Prozac for about a year. 20 extra pounds appeared overnight. Other than that, I manage to maintain, but I figure that's due to the exercise. I've done many things, but I'm a T-tapper now. I keep up with the amazing results other people get, and I guess I'm focusing on what the heck is different about me!?!? They are not pro LC, by the way, but alot of them get results anyway. It's a mystery to me!

What kind of doctor is Elihnig?

Wed, Jan-21-04, 15:04
Hi Greenwings,

Elihnig is not a doctor. If you have another look, she is simply quoting from "The Woman Doctor's Diet For Women." ;)

And yes, Karen hit the nail on the head. KISS is great for just plain getting back to basics. It's LC pared down - (fatty) meat, fish, eggs, olive oil and lots of vegies. I do use a few spices as well, as they are totally natural.
I will discover when I come to add in cream and cheese (which I plan to do separately) whether or not I have an intolerance to them.

HTH! :)