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Wed, Jan-07-04, 11:52
I've been researching alternatives to synthetic thyroid vitamines, which have a lot of drawbacks. Coconut oil sounds like it's at least worth a try. By the way I discovered a great recipe, not for the oil, but for the milk which has a pretty high oil content and tastes great. I take 1/2 can of coconut milk and stir in some chocolate DaVinci syrup. Heat it in the microwave and you have a delicious rich hot cocoa. Each cup has over 50 grams of coconut oil. I don't know how that translates into tablespoons.

However, back to the topic, I've been reading about Maca root and hypothyroidism. This root is reported to help the whole endocrine system including the thyroid and can rebalance the estrogen dominance that often accompanies hypothyroidism and overweight problems. It has no phytoestrogens, but women are using it to alleviate menopause symptoms with apparently amazing success. The root works on the hypothalmus and pituitary glands to regulate the whole endocrine system, which has a very delicate balancing act to perform. There is no danger of too much hormone or hormone imbalance, because you are not taking a hormone replacement, you are stimulating the body's own natural production of hormones in a natural way. It's safe for men to take too, as it stimulates production of testosterone and has many benefits for them too, which I won't go into because the topic is hypothyroidism. You can check out the rest yourselves. This is one of the more interesting websites for Maca root. Lots of info. Medicine-Plants.com

If anyone has ever tried this, I'd be interested in hearing your experience.


Thu, Jan-08-04, 13:53
I turned up more good info in my search on Maca Root and hypothryoidism. This is a really interesting interview with Dr. Vianna Muller on South American Medicinal herbs and hormonal health. She was giving Maca root to menopausal women to treat their hot flashes and other symptoms, and several of them reported that they lowered their dose of synthroid or other thyroid replacement hormones because they no longer needed them. She then began to take them down slowly and systematically. There's a lot of other info in this interview about beneficial effects of Maca root on insulin control and beneficial effects on overweight problems.

Here's the website:


Sun, Jan-11-04, 13:05
Linda, Thanks for this interesting thread! I have ordered some Maca root over the internet yesterday, can't wait to try it out...


Fri, Jan-16-04, 09:38
After searching around the web, I decided to buy powdered Maca root in bulk and just add it to my shake. I've been taking a teaspoon a day for four days, and this is what I've noticed so far. Normally I am cold whenever I'm inactive, even for a short period of time. If I want to sit and read, I need to curl up in a blanket. I also, almost never sweat unless I've had a real workout, or it's like 90 degrees outside. Since taking the Maca root, I'm almost never feeling cold even though it's January, and I sweat easily just from simple tasks around the house. It's wierd. They say it's supposed to up your basal metabolism--well I guess!

The other thing I noticed is that my general energy level is much higher. I don't get as tired as before, and I'm needing less sleep. This morning I woke up at 4:00 am feeling hot and sweaty and wide awake. It's so different from my normal pattern. Something is very definately happening.

Fri, Jan-16-04, 10:00
This sounds great - where did you order Maca in bulk form from and what was the cost?

Sat, Jan-17-04, 12:14
I have a question... I have no thyroid (removed d/t cancer) and I'm on Synthroid... is it safe to take the Maca in this case?

Thu, Jan-22-04, 02:45
I bought it from Raintree Nutrition. I think their website is www.raintreenutrition.com It cost $25 for a one pound bag. They seem to be pretty careful about the quality of their product. You can email them with your questions. The other site, www.medicineplants.com is supposed to have medical professionals available to answer your questions.

doreen T
Thu, Jan-22-04, 09:46
re - Maca root ...

The dried root powder is 67.5% total carbohydrate ... 59% digestible carbs + 8.5% fiber. So a 10g dose (2 tsp) would yield 5.9g digestible carbs.


It does look interesting though ... I'll see if I can find this product in my area. I'm not keen to order from the internet.

Thanks for posting your experience with this Linda :thup:


Mon, Jan-26-04, 20:36
I found it at my local health food store. $23.00 for a 120 caps. Peruvian Maca Root is the name.

Mon, Jan-26-04, 21:15
Wow, this may just be the answer I need too!
There is certainly a lot of information out there as well.
I also came across this article that is worth paying attention to.


regarding Big Business coming in and trying to exploit the lives of indiginous people! In this case Peru and trying to patent the Maca plant!!

Hey Locarbjo! What store did you purchase your at???

Hi DoreenT ...I rely on your vast amount of research and information on this site. I am so relieved you are still here and providing it for us!

Sun, Feb-01-04, 12:46
Hi Rualgurl... the Vitamin Discount Centre... they have one in almost every city...not sure where you live but there should be one near you. Healthfood stores should carry it as well.

Sun, Feb-01-04, 14:28
Hi Lowcarbjo

Thanks for the reply. I have gone out and purchased the Maca.
I picked up MACASure. Certified Organic Maca Root Extract, distributed by Sequel Naturals.
They have a website on the bottle that I have not checked as of yet.. www.macasure.com
Many sites seem to recommend buying the powder, I bought the vegicaps! I don't know why, I was in a hurry and the women really suggested the caps are easier to take than the powder so I just took her advice and left. I felt like I paid too much for them, but that is what impulse buying will get you.
$34.99 for 120 caps 750 mg per capsule.
She claimed Maca will really help balancing the hormones but when I mentioned thyroid she was not too keen that it would affect the thyroid that much. But then how do I know what she really knows and how much research she has done. I will give it a try though and see what kinda of changes come about.

Wed, Feb-11-04, 12:09
I just found another website with info on Maca Root and they sell the product for less than I've seen it anywhere else. I paid only $29.95 for a kilogram. They also sell capsules for $14.99, but like many other sources, they recommend using it as a food and getting the powder instead. You certainly save money doing it that way. I don't know how many capsules I'd need to make up a teaspoon. That's what I take every day mixed in a shake with low carb whey protein and DaVinci syrup.

It does add a few carbs to the total, but I'm inclined to think it's worth it. Maca root is a vegetable, and I eat other vegetables with carbs. I prefer to pick and choose the ones that give the most benefit. Potatoes, for example, are worthless but garlic is not, even though it's high in carbs, and a little garlic goes a long way.

The product at this website http://macaweb.com is certified and each shipment is analyzed for quality. Interesting in the testimonials page there was an entry by someone who was diabetic and hypothyroid who had profound improvement in his lifestyle and was able to lower his thyroid medication much to the surprise of his doctors. Usually, I don't put much stock in testimonials, but they don't mention thyroid in most of the promotional material on Maca Root. You have to hunt for it. A big problem with most botanicals is that no one is willing to pay for a big expensive study to see what they do because you can't patent it, so it's highly unlikely that you'll recover the cost of your study.

Since this product is perfectly safe, I decided the best way is to try it and see what it does. I've been taking Maca root for about a month now and I like the way it makes me feel: more energetic, mentally sharper, and I don't get cold. I think it's a little early to say much more than that.

Thu, Feb-19-04, 23:10
So, how is it going? I bought some of the extract today. Are you getting the desired results?

Thu, May-06-04, 19:01
I started this thread and I've been taking Maca root for several months now. I can't believe the changes. My thryroid must really be stimulated because I'm hot and sweaty all the time and I used to be so cold that I'd take hot showers just to warm up. Before taking Maca I almost never perspired, no matter what the temperature, but now just drinking a cup of coffee makes me perspire, and I have to kick the covers off during the night because I get so hot it wakes me up. The weight is starting to burn off too. I was one of those turtles, who took forever to lose a pound. Now they are rolling off. My energy is much higher than before and my spirits are elevated. I feel really great. I know some of that is just because of the low carbs, but I think part of it is due to having my thyroid function better.

Sun, Jun-06-04, 15:21
I have been taking maca and coconut oil for the past 4 weeks and have noticed improvments. I to sweet now do not feel so cold have more emergy and my skin is not dry.

Thu, Jun-24-04, 08:48
Hi - my Maca has just arrived, I ordered 500g of powder (it cost 30 but that's another story!).
How do people take it - I don't make shakes - I can't find anything I like to make them from apart from greek yoghurt which is a bit high in carbs at the moment - can't afford the carbs from yoghurt and the carbs from maca. Can't take the very sweetened protein powder people make shakes from.
Any ideas? Really looking forward to all the good effects people talk about.

Wed, Oct-20-04, 11:05
Hello, I just found the thread regarding the Maca Root and I am very interested to see how those of you who responded before are doing now as far as weight loss and hypothyroid symptoms. I am seriously thinking of purchasing this in powder form. Also, please provide any info relating to daily recommended requirements and how soon you began to notice changes for the better. Thanks so much, I can't wait to read more!

Wed, Oct-20-04, 11:26
I used maca to help with energy while I was waiting to start treatment. I can't really say if it helped or not. I don't take it now that I am taking the meds, I don't need it. My energy and libido have returned.

Mia, if you want to help treat your symptoms via diet and supplements you should make sure you're taking Selenium, Zinc and Vits E and D.

Selenium is VITAL for the production of the enzyme responsible for the conversion of T4 to T3. In addition, clinical trials have shown that supplementing with Selenium can help to lower the thyroid antibody counts, reducing symptoms that they cause, too. The maximum you would want to take is 200mcg a day this is the total amount, so check your multi-vitamin and look at your diet for selenium rich foods, overdosing with selenium is possible.

Zinc (10 mg per day) is needed both before and after these production and conversion of T4 / T3 processes. Moreover, zinc is needed at the intracellular level to help the thyroid nuclear receptors attach and drive the reading of the DNA genetic code. Keep in mind that the main function of thyroid hormone is to help put the genetic code into action.

In addition to these minerals, vitamin D is necessary for thyroid hormone production in the pituitary gland, and possibly in the early stages of T-3 (thyronine) binding to its receptor. Vitamin E is part of the necessary supporting apparatus that enables the deiodinase enzyme to convert T-4 into T-3.

Diet wise avoid millett, soy (supressed thyroid), flax (also suppresses thyroid) and tea (contains fluoride which was once used to treat hyperthyroidism it suppresses thyroid so well).

Unless cooked avoid the following goitrogenic foods: African cassava, Asparagus, babassu, Broccoli, brussels sprouts, Cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi, leafy green vegetables (turnip greens, mustard greens, collard greens), Legumes (beans and peas), peanuts, pine nuts, Processed meats, radishes, rutabaga, Spinach, turnips, Watercress


Wed, Oct-20-04, 17:04
Thanks Nat. I will add the suggested supplements and hope for releif. I can't get over all of the food limitations, being such an avid veggie eater, it is disappointing to see that all of my favorites are on that list. Oh well, I guess you have to do whatever it takes, there really isn't much choice if I hope to feel well again. Thanks again...... I'm sure I will have more questions at some point and it is nice to know that someone as knowledgeable as yourself is only a post away!!!!

Wed, Oct-20-04, 17:46
Mianezra, remember if they're cooked it's OK. Mostly, for me, the list means not to eat raw cauliflower and broccoli with dip or a spinach salad. The rest of the stuff (that I recognize) is normally cooked anyway.


Wed, Oct-20-04, 18:49
Thanks Wanda. That is definitely a plus. So just to verify, as long as things are cooked, such as brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflour, etc, they should not act as a thyroid suppressant? :thup:

Thu, Oct-21-04, 06:01
So just to verify, as long as things are cooked, such as brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflour, etc, they should not act as a thyroid suppressant? :thup: Exactly! :)

Thu, Oct-21-04, 11:18
Hey Nat, are there any daily requirements or recommendations for the daily usage of Vitamin E and Vitamin D :q:

Thu, Oct-21-04, 12:37
Hey Nat, are there any daily requirements or recommendations for the daily usage of Vitamin E and Vitamin D :q:
Yes, sorry, I missed that on the cut and paste!

Vit E - 400-800 IU
Vit C - 400 IU


Fri, Nov-07-08, 14:08
I was searching for the low carb dieters, and was worried that Maca would take me out of Ketosis. I am still not sure.

I wanted to share my Maca Mixtures:

I mix the maca in about a 1/4 c of Follow Your Heart dressing (Ranch or Creamy Garlic)
It's all under 30 calories and 1 carb.
Usually to that I add a scoop of Low carb protein powder.

I also usually mix the Maca in Costco's Classic Tahini (Sabra Foods)
This is the most amazing tahini. It is great with the maca.
For a taffy like mixture - stir in protein powder in the tahini

I start with two LARGE tablespoons of Coconut Oil,
Melt the coconut oil
Add 1 or 2 taplespoons of Peanut Butter (No sugar added of course)
Stir completely
I add Roland Food's Tahini - VERY CREAMY and tastes like Halva
Maybe 3 or 4 spoons of that.
I wouldn't drink it straight...
I mix in a scoop of vanilla protein powder.
I recently found it works best if you mix the protein powder and maca together before adding it to the liquid. It mixes much better that way.
Mix all the powder and make a very creamy mixture.
Put in the fridge for a few hours, and you have what seems like
I say Ice Cream because it has the consistency of it.
Coconut oil is FROZEN SOLID just below room temperature.


Sun, Feb-01-09, 16:52
Anybody still using maca?

Sun, Feb-01-09, 18:06
I don't know about the thyroid, but I know people take it for libido issues.


Sun, Feb-02-14, 12:58
I originally found an article about this herb used to treat depression and became very interested. I have a very severe case of depression and was excited to read this would help. I also read that this helps women gain weight in feminine areas such as thighs, hips and breasts. Naturally that Peaked my interest seeing how I am underweight, and I became very excited at the possibility of being happy and not experiencing anxiety and also possibly gaining some pounds... However, besides this thread, every other article I have read warns people with a thyroidism against using this plant root. I was incredibly disappointed by this, and though I am happy to have found this forum which suggests maca actually helps thyroidisms, I'm actually still worried. I don't want to develop anything bc of it, but I'm willing to try it in hopes that it will help with my depression and anxiety levels as well as boost my energy. If I could just feel good for once. I read the article that you guys posted about that doctor from Chile but I still felt uneasy about her response regarding not having a standard effect recognized w the use of maca by hypothyroid people. Anyone have more info?