View Full Version : Spinach Pepperoni Salad: sounds gross but sooo good

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Mon, Jan-05-04, 14:34
I was craving a BLT salad but was out of bacon and tomatoes so I improvised.

I used 3 cups of baby spinach and 16 pieces of pepperoni.

I fried the pepperoni in a frying pan till it got crispy and then poured it all on top of the spinach and then had a tbsp of mayo on top.

Mixed it all up and yummy. It sounded so gross to me but it tastes so good I want more lol.

Mon, Jan-05-04, 14:57
Ive been doing the same thing with Tuna....putting a couple of spinach leaves in it , adding mayo, cheese and bacon to it. Then I put it in the microwave for a few to warm and melt... It is so yummy. Glad I am not alone

Wed, Sep-14-05, 15:11
Raw spinach, not the wet, gloppy frozen stuff?

Wed, Sep-14-05, 17:36
Oh, I have GOT to try this!!! I LOVE spinach and pepperoni!!!! Thanks....

Thu, Sep-15-05, 11:09
Just tried your spinach recipe........had everything on hand luckily. That stuff is outrageous! Only thing I did different was added one tiny sun-warmed tomato calling to me from the garden.
This one is a keeper....Thanks