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Sat, Jan-03-04, 14:29
Apple and Rhubarb Pies.

This was my first attempt at a low carb pastry and was motivated by my desire to make apple pie. Now apples are too high in carbs really so I decided to mix them with rhubarb to cut the carb count.

For filling:
1 large cooking apple
I can of dry packed rhubarb with no added sugar (from Safeway’s in you’re in the UK).
Peel apple and cut it up. Stew in a little water until tender. Drain, add splenda to taste and combine with rhubarb (about 2 measures rhubarb to one apple).

For the pastry.
50g ground almonds
50g soya flour
75g soya protein isolate powder
½ teaspoonful backing soda
2 medium eggs
splash of cream
splash of unsweetened soya milk.
Splenda powder to taste
olive oil

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl and keep adding olive oil until it becomes crumbly. Add the eggs and continue mixing. Use the cream and soya milk as the final ingredients to get it like firm putty (not too crumbly). Now my experience was that it wouldn’t roll out so I rolled it into little balls and patted them into circular flat shapes to use in an ordinary baking tin (the usual type for making small cakes). I lined eight of the shapes and added the apple mix to the centres. I then made smaller circles to use as lids. I crimped these on top. They tended to crack a bit so I gave them a generous painting of egg to fill any cracks, sprinkled them with splenda and baked on gas mark 4 for 10 mins.
They were absolutely delicious – and the pastry was the best part!
P.S. I’m eating one now – I think the next time I’ll try melted butter rather than olive oil as they are rather ‘damp’.

I just tried to work out the nutritional values in fitday. From the above I made 8 pies so each would be:
fat 18.6g
carbs 6.6
fibre 2.1
protein 12.8
So about 4.5g of carbs each - not bad!

Sat, Feb-14-04, 17:23
Wow! These looks great. :)