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Maren Stoy
Thu, Dec-18-03, 08:26
I don't know how many of you like acorn squash but my husband & I have it as often as possible. What we do is cut the squash in half...Put in a microwave safe pan with a small amount of water in the bottom...Cover the pan with plastic wrap (I use Saran Wrap)...Bake on high 10-12 minutes...Serve with butter & LC maple syrup (The one that we use has 4g carbs/1/4 cup). This is a great side dish when you are busy or have hectic schedules.

This time of year can be especially busy so have a safe & enjoyable holiday season.

Maren Stoy

Thu, Dec-18-03, 08:51
acording to fitday, one 4" diameter Acorn squash has 44 carbs
winter squash are more carby then summer just try to be careful :)

Thu, Dec-18-03, 21:00
I had Acorn Squash once then found out that the carbs were higher in it than they were in all of the other winter squashes. What a surprise. Now I substitute other winter squashes in my recipes.

Maren Stoy
Sat, Dec-20-03, 12:22
Thanks to CHRISANIA and MARYC for responding about the acorn squash. It was quite a shock to learn that there is 44g carbs in 4" and that acorn squash is the highest (in carbs) of all the winter squashes. Any other recommendations? I live in Michigan, so acquiring acorn squash is usually not a problem but I think that I had better find something else that is not so "carby".

Maren Stoy