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Mon, Dec-01-03, 09:28
1 large head of romaine or iceberg washed, torn, and thrown in a large bowl.
1 cucumber slightly peeled and cut in small bite size pieces.
1 bunch of green onions chopped with green tops included.
1 large green and red or yellow pepper chopped into bite size pieces.
Sm handful of fresh herbs chopped... ( basil, oregano, thyme, parsley, ) whatever is avail.
8 oz of the best feta you can find, broken into bite size pieces.
1 can of anchovies drained
1 very ripe tomato cut into small wedges

Salad dressing:
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 red wine vinegar
1 tsp of dried oregano
1 fresh garlic clove crushed
1/8 cup of water
1/2 pkg of sugar substitute
1 tsp of dijon mustard

Mix first 5 ingredients in a bowl. Mix up salad dressing and shake real good.
Add salad dressing to salad, toss gently, THEN add the feta, anchovies and tomato. Serve after adding dressing. Figure about 5 grms of carbs per large bowl of salad.

Wed, Jan-07-04, 17:59
Great recipe! I like to add capers (1T= 0.2 net carbs), a few Greek olives, and radishes to my Greek salads. (and leave out the anchovies for me <g>)

Sun, Feb-20-05, 21:40
This is a delicious recipe!

Thu, Jul-20-06, 14:04
Need to drop in on and say this is the BEST greek salad I've ever eaten. Made it last night, and used fresh basil, oregano & italian flat leaf parsley for the recommended "handful of fresh herbs" part. Added some sliced black olives. Went ahead with the anchovies - just chopped them up before adding to the salad.

This thing was so good, that I found myself eating it for both breakfast and lunch today as well (was lots leftover). Also used slightly less lettuce than called for, making it a reasonable choice to have "leftovers" - because there's less lettuce, it's not too soggy in the fridge the next day.

Anyway - thank you so much for this recipe. :)

Anyone wanting to lighten up their meals a bit and have a beautiful salad should definintely make this one. It's an absolutely perfect summer-time meal. I put it on a pretty blue glass plate, and we (the three of us) just had mini-bottles of Pellegrino and lime wedges for our beverages. Nobody got "too full" and all loved the salad.


PS - editing to add: I didn't have any envelopes of sweetener, so I used a scant teaspoon of granular splenda (for the dressing) instead - it worked just fine.

Thu, Jul-20-06, 15:32
I think spearmint would be a great herb to add to this. Even in just the dressing. Mints go beautifully in Greek foods and salads. Not too much so that the taste is overpowering and minty but just enough to complement the other flavors.

Thu, Jul-20-06, 15:56
Thanks for the suggestion MyJourney - I think I'll try that the next time I make this salad...add a bit of chopped mint. Sounds like a winning idea.

Sun, Jul-26-09, 17:15
Wow. I make greek salad but it is without the anchovies (ewww) and with the addition of green kalamata olives and diced paste tomatoes. I use garlic-herb crumbled feta, and I sometimes leave out the cucumbers or minimize them for carby reasons. (They don't have many though.) And no sugar/water/dijon in mine. This is one of the only 'salads' I can eat. I'm going to try some of your variants (but not the fish lol), thanks for the ideas!

Tue, Jul-28-09, 13:55
it's really all about the salad dressing.
i've been making this dressing for 30+ yrs.
just change out the salad items. :thup:

*when the fad was low fat, i added water to the recipe. :D

Tue, Sep-07-10, 16:19
Thought I would bump this recipe. It really is about the dressing! I have made it a few times already. Yum!

Tue, Sep-07-10, 20:02
I just have to say, I really feel sorry for those who choose to not use the anchovies! They add so much in the way of "life" to the flavor and I can't notice any "fishy" flavor!! Oh well, more for me if you insist you don't like it!!!

Wed, Sep-08-10, 09:37
Can you use dried herbs ,I dont have the fresh ones ?

Fri, Sep-10-10, 17:30
So glad this got bumped! This looks really good! DH just love Greek salad. Will definitely be trying this one!

Fri, Sep-10-10, 21:03
This is an excellent recipe - I'd highly recommend it. The homemade dressing is good on other things too, and I'd have to agree with Glenda - adding anchovies is just the thing to give it some real zing.

If you don't want to buy anchovy filets, you can always buy anchovy paste in the spice section of your local grocery store (and mix into the dressing instead of tossing the chopped filets into the salad). I'd say that 1 tbsp. of anchovy paste is the equivalent of one anchovy filet (approximately - close enough, and works for me). You can just buy some anchovy 'paste' and add a bunch of it to this excellent dressing.

Very, very good recipe! :yum:

Sat, Sep-11-10, 07:30
Thanks for the tip on the paste equivalent, CK. That's nice to know. I've used both and not sure which I'll find available.

Sat, Sep-11-10, 18:21
Yes Graciejean! I have used a small amount of dried Italian seasoning or seasonings of your choosing. I also add some salt & pepper. Since making this dressing, I do not use bottled. Less carbs! less cost!

Sat, Sep-11-10, 19:33
Since making this dressing, I do not use bottled. Less carbs! less cost!

This is so true - all it takes is one really good homemade dressing recipe, and then the store-bought stuff pales in comparison.

Sun, Sep-12-10, 11:10
Tell me about it!

Tue, Sep-14-10, 14:57
the dressing in this recipe is delicious with or without the anchovies..
i do like to smash anchovies and add to the dressing for variety, but as i said, it's all about the dressing..
this dressing rocks!
the zing comes from the mustard.. which you can also substitute out the dijon for dry mustard for a different flavor.
the dressing can be altered and still be awesome! :thup: