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Tue, Oct-21-03, 09:12
I cannot take credit for this receipt - Rachael Ray from the Food Network prepared this last week:


2 bunches Fresh Broccoli - Cut the bottom tips off, but leave a lot of the stem. Cut into chunky strips, lengthwise.

Steam in a fry pan w/about 1/2" water on the bottom over low heat.

When it is tender, dump it all in a colander.

Pour enough Extra Virgin Olive Oil back in the fry pan to act as a "dressing" for the steamed broccoli.

Put around 5 cloves of fresh, chopped garlic in with the olive oil. Turn up the heat to medium-high and cook for a little while - til the garlic flavor is in the oil.

Add your broccoli back to the heated oil/garlic "dressing". Coat your broccoli well.

Heat broccoli back up and then take off the heat.

Grate some Asiago cheese over the top. (I bought the wrong cheese! I used Romano). It gave a nice nutty flavor.