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Tue, Oct-14-03, 22:27
My salad base that I eat several times a day is
Romaine lettuce
cucumber (I like the small kirby ones)

I chop it up small in my big salad bowl
salt, pepper, lemon, oil (canola, olive or flax seed)

Sometimes I might add a diced red or green pepper, a sliced radish, or a little bit of alfalfa.

I love this salad. Its basic, its easy and tastes great.

I know tomatoes are decently high in carbs but the other day I made a salad


diced the tomato and avocado, sprinkeled the alfalfa on top
salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon

it was yummy

Another salad I used to make before I began low carbing
(I am still in induction and dont think I can have it yet)

Fresh string beans (ends snipped off boiled for a few moments and then put in Ice water) cut in half of even left whole
fresh garlic
pine nuts
red pepper strips
tomato chunks or wedges
red onion thinly sliced
a little bit of bean sprouts or broccoli sprouts

My usual dressing of salt, pepper, lemon, olive oil

It tastes great
Just need to watch portion sizes