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Tue, Oct-14-03, 22:12
I love cooking and have tons of recipes. I have always been a big veggie person. I grew up in a house where salad was part of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, we all just loved it.

I will be posting a few vegie recipes here.
It is difficult for me to put in quantities, because I just kinda do everything to taste, what looks and feels right to me, and just go with it.

This is a recipe for veggie pancakes

You can use just about any veggie and do it to taste
I like use

small bits of chicken (can use any kind of meat or none at all depending on mood/taste)
(I used to add potato sometimes or a bit of breadcrumbs, but not really an option with low carbing)

Grate all the veggies in a large bowl, add eggs (I use about 6 or so, but do what feels right based on the quantity you are making)

salt, pepper (sometimes I add a bit of crushed red pepper for a kick)

and fry it in canola oil or olive oil if you prefer.

Its a very easy recipe with a ton of versatility to it and usually when I make these everyone devours them.


Wed, Oct-15-03, 20:36
Ok, here is a "variation" on the veggie pancakes that I make... I know this is gonna sound strange, but we all LOVE it here in our "Atkins" home!!

I get Frito Lay pork rinds, the plain ones, and crush half a bag, fairly fine, but can still have some small chunky pieces

3 eggs, beaten

1/2 cup heavy cream (you can use more if you want thinner pancakes)

2 T Splenda

1 t Vanilla

mix ingredients, fry in butter until golden brown. Pour LC syrup on them and you have some pretty tasty pancakes


leave out the Splenda and vanilla, add a pinch of salt, and poor batter over sauteed' green onions, peppers, mushrooms.... for a different veggie pancake :)

it REALLY is yummy, either way! :p