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Sun, Oct-12-03, 13:44
I love mash potatoes, but they are no go on a low carb diet.

I have found a substitute

Celeriac, boiled and mashed, with a little butter, cream or grated cheese added, tastes very similar, and is only around 2% carb.


Mon, Mar-01-04, 18:53
I tried this tonight. Not half bad. :thup: Pretty strong celery flavour, but I only had sour cream to put on it. Next time, I'll probably try bacon and cheddar cheese. :thup:

Mon, Mar-01-04, 20:29
I love celeriac too! :)

For a mash-y type thing, I mix it half and half with cauliflower. Lightens the flavour a bit and lowers the carbs a bit.

It also makes a great salad a la Julia Child... Celeriac Remoulade (http://www.globalgourmet.com/food/egg/egg0196/clryreml.html)

Don't be put off by the name. It's pretty easy and very tasty!


Tue, Mar-02-04, 09:44
is celeriac the same as celery root? i have a recipe that calls for celery root but have had difficulty finding it.

Tue, Mar-02-04, 11:15
is celeriac the same as celery root? Yep! Same thing. :)

Here's a picture of them



Tue, Mar-09-04, 18:10
Yikes they look like a tumor!

Oh well, now worse than daikon!


Wed, Mar-10-04, 09:43
well, i finally found the celery root and tried the recipe for celery root puree found in Suzanne Somers Fast and Easy. It does have a strong celery flavor, but i love celery so it didn't bother me a bit. I ate mine with gravy form a beef roast I had prepared and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Thu, Mar-11-04, 18:21
I have heard of a califlower mash potato dish but I cant figure out how to search on the recipe section

Sat, Mar-13-04, 10:10
Hi Wow. Click http://forum.lowcarber.org/images/top_search.gif at the top of the page. Choose your keywords, like "mashed cauliflower" or just "cauliflower" for all cauli recipes. Then select this forum (Salad, Veggies & Side Dishes). :idea:

Tue, Apr-13-04, 14:28
a romanian friend of mine regularly makes a salad of grated celery root and chopped cold chicken breast mixed with mayo and whatever spices you like in chicken salad. I 've had it and it's really great.


Tue, May-11-04, 07:59
I tried the caul mash, and it was good! I will try celery root sometime, too.


Tue, May-11-04, 08:42
I'm going to try the mashed potatoes with cauliflower this week. On Mother's Day my hubby cooked out for me and I made potato salad with cauliflower...it was FANTASTIC!!! We couldn't believe how good it was. Cauliflower will be a staple in my house. :)

Wed, Apr-06-05, 13:45
a romanian friend of mine regularly makes a salad of grated celery root and chopped cold chicken breast mixed with mayo and whatever spices you like in chicken salad. I 've had it and it's really great.Deb

I am making it this weekend.


Thu, Apr-07-05, 07:11
This is probably a stupid question, but I have to ask...

I've seen mock mashed potatoes with cauliflower at Ruby Tuesday's and saw George Stella make them on his show. They *look* good, but I hate cauliflower. Do they taste like cauliflower? Would cauliflower haters like them?

Thu, Apr-07-05, 08:44
I don't think you get a strong cauliflower taste - I always add some shredded leek as well.

I also like to make a celeriac dauphinoise - same as the potato version but with celeriac - this is really good

Thu, Apr-07-05, 09:25
Susan, for what it's worth, I loathe cauliflower, but got brave and tried the mock mashed potatoes. Now I may have made it wrong, but I spit the first bite out. DH loved it though. After smelling it cook I was really hesitant to try it too, That probably made it worse as well.

Tue, Oct-30-07, 00:30
Would anybody have a recipe for "scalloped potatoes" using celeriac??

I have one in my crisper I have to use up!!!

Sun, Apr-20-08, 21:25

This recipe serves 6 and has about 11 carbs/serving