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Thu, Sep-18-03, 16:07
I seem to be getting heartburn lately - 3 out of the last 5 days - and I'm not sure what's causing it. There's no new item that I've added, and I haven't had the same things on those days, so I'm drawing a bit of a blank.

I never used to get it (may 1-2 times a year), and this is really quite annoying. I took a Zantac the other night because I was so uncomfortable....I know in the past, on the occasions I felt it, I'd down a diet coke and that seemed to help for some odd reason. However, I'm now diet coke-free, so it's no longer an option :)

Anybody find they developped heartburn on LC?

Any other remedies you can recommend?


Thu, Sep-18-03, 16:12
I can sympathise. I used to have constant HB. I even have a presciption for Extra strengh Zantac.
My HB was gone, until recently it has returned at night... I don't know either what is causing it. I take the prescription and it works.

Thu, Sep-18-03, 16:21
I have had cronic heart burn for years. At times to the point where I went to hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. But when on low carb it very very seldom happens now. Weird how we can all be on the same plan and have so many reactions

Thu, Sep-18-03, 16:28
I used to get really bad heartburn when I was stressed. Maybe that's it for you? Sometimes avocados will give me KILLER heartburn, but only occasionally.

Thu, Sep-18-03, 16:33
Since starting induction 14 days ago, I have had nights of the WORST heartburn. I don't know what it is, the vinegar and oil salad dressing at the end of the night, or just the extra stomach acid needed to digest all the steaks I've been eating. But the other night, it was so bad, and I didn't want to take antacids (I've already had my gallbladder removed and I'm only 38 so you can just imagine the kind of stomach trouble I've had in the past) but I found that drinking a cup of Ginger Tea (might just be a West Coat product though--it's made by a comapny called Triple Leaf Tea) helps. It's 100% ginger root and has "less than 1 carb" according to package info.
It really killed the heartburn quickly, though.

Thu, Sep-18-03, 16:35
Also Celery helps for heartburn! But it doesn't last as long as the drugs...

Sat, Sep-20-03, 21:29
Thanks for the suggestions...

Oddly enough, I was trying to link what on earth could be causing it to a type of food I'd been consuming, and the only thing I'd had in common the entire time was that I had been drinking a lot of tap water. Switched to bottled water and it hasn't bothered me since. May have been a coincidence, but I"m not looking at my tap water quite the same :)


Sat, Sep-27-03, 23:33
Well, my heartburn problems didn't begin when I was LCing, but, I thought I might be of some help here. At the beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy, I began to get horrible heartburn - lilke the stop you dead in your tracks kind. I figured it was just pregnancy related. Unfortunatly, it didn't subside once I delivered. I dealt with it until my son was 6 months old, and finally I said "something is definitly wrong" and I went to the doctor. I thought I might of had Acid Reflux Disease, but it turns out I contracted something called Helicobacter pylori Disease. It's one of the main causes of chronic heartburn - a bacterium that lives in your stomach and esophogus. It's actually pretty common and can be serious. I would suggest going to your doctor - a simple blood test could be your answer! .... I also feel I should tell you that if you indeed do have H. pylori, you'll be put on a whirlwind of medication. I was taking 11 pills a day trying to combat it.

Here is a link to an informative website on it:

Wed, Oct-01-03, 05:24
My heartburn improved a great deal on lowcarb. I used to have one-two Zantacs/day and now I maybe take one every two weeks.

I found out that dairy doesn't agree much with my stomach and too much sour cream can bring back the heartburn.