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Thu, Jul-26-01, 12:14
hi. I'm Ollie from Florida. This is a new experience for me. I have previously been on the atkins diet and lost 35 lbs. This time my husband and I are both attempting to lose. He's a diabetic so it's doubly important we do this right. We have found Carbolite products. They say no carbs, no sugar, sweetened with Splenda. The taste is fantastic. We can't take soy. I ,ade pancakes this morning with their bake mix, only adding a little more splenda. We then mad simple sugar (equal parts of splenda and water boiled). No aftertaste. Their candy bars are going like fire. The only question I have is about the maltitol. They say it is a low digestible carb omitted from the carb count because it only converts to a negligable amount of glucose in the body. They said it accounts for 39% of the caloris value of the bar. We have tried their cheesecakes, only 2 carbs per slice. Wow. I just want to make sure this is for real. Anybody with an opinion out there. Thanks for the help. Ollie

Thu, Jul-26-01, 12:25
There is definitely lots of opinions in regards to sugar alcohols here LOL...if you click on to tips at the top of this page you will find an article written by Doreen along that very subject...there are also several threads here at the forum discussing sugar alcohols...

:) Bonnie

Thu, Jul-26-01, 12:50
Hello Ollie,

Welcome to the forum!

I have a HUGE opinion on these products, but first I would like to invite you to go to Low Carb Tools on the main page and open the Hidden Carb Calculator. Plug in the numbers on the back of the Carbolite products and you will find it to be most illuminating.

I'm trying to figure out how a cheesecake can have 2 grams per serving. Cream cheese alone has 1 gram per ounce, but I suppose that a miniscule serving of cheesecake does exist.

Granular Splenda has 1.625 grams per Tbsp. The manufacturer does not have to state the carbs per tsp., because the carbs per tsp. are less than one. This is because of a labelling law loophole that manufacturers take advantage of.

My HUGE opinion is that these products rope in people who find it very difficult to give up carb foods. As methadone is to heroin, low-carb substitutes are to high carb foods. Of course you should be able to have a treat every now and again, and these products should only be used for rare treats and not part of a daily way of eating. There is a whole wide world of great things to eat without them.


Fri, Jul-27-01, 08:02
welcome ollie:D i think that all those processed locarb foods should be avoided except for special occasions. the locarb diet should typically be a very healthy diet of mostly natural foods. fresh meat, fish, poultry, eggs. leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peppers. olive oil, butter, mayonaise and a little cheese. save the processed foods for occasions.
just my opinion of course!:D