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Wed, Sep-10-03, 17:09

I haven't started any diet yet but have been looking at them all. I bought the Atkins book yesterday and figured I would read it first before making my final descion on the right diet to choose.

I was diagnosed with fibro in March but have had it for a few years along with numerous other medical problems since 1993. I am now 25 years old. I was at the doctors yesterday and she doesn't want to give me pain killers as she feels I am too young yet. I have been on a small dose of ampitriptyline (spelling??) for a few years for migrains and she decided to try upping it to help with the fribro. I am also on some other medications for stomach problems, migrains, etc.

I was wondering how the atkins diet affects these drugs? I mentioned low carb diets to my doctor yesterday and she didn't seem like she wanted me to do them she suggested weight watchers, was the best.

My doctor doesn't even like the idea of vitamins. I started taking them and I find they do help me a little bit.

Also, wondering what other people with fibro do for exercise? I walk when I can but I find a lot of days getting up and ready and doing some simple household chores is enough to exhaust me. I know that is sad. It has taken me forever to get my college diploma but finally got it because of health problems...but now I don't know what to do with it. I am on the list for some thearpy in a pool but the list is 8 months long so hopefully by January or Feb. I can get into it.

Really just looking for what other people do with fibro, diet and exercise wise.

Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing your ideas in advance,

Thu, Sep-11-03, 12:24
hi kathy,
I know how you feel. I am 32 and have MCTD, w/lupus, fibro etc.. I take Quensyl(anti malarial medication), Diclofonec, but will probably have to start a low dose of chemotherapy if I do not go into remission. My doc told me I had to lose weight and he did not care how I did it. I read in the internet that lc was perfect for autoimmune diseases as it really helps alot of people. I have heard of people that do really well on a lc eating plan and have lessening of symptoms. I have not had much success in that way but I have a severe form of this disease. I excercise 3-4 times a week and ride my bicycle, It can be very painful and there are times when I do not even get out of bed, but if I feel even half way okay I excercise as I have found that it really helps! For me Amitriptyline did not work when I tried it and it made me gain weight.
I wish you the best and hope you have a wonderful Pain FRee day...

judi :)

Tue, Sep-16-03, 22:52
You should be very proud of yourself for making this first step. I too am 25 and was diagnosed in march with fibro. My doctor, however, recommended a low-carb diet. In his experience it has about a 45% chance of alieving some or most of the pain.
I also had a hard time with exercise at first, but after a couple of weeks, I had more energy just from a low-carb diet. Now I'm able to do weight training (VERY LIGHT, but effecive) and core strenghtening (a strong lower back and stomach is key to support achy shoulders and neck).
This site is a wonderful resource. There are literally thousands of woman who can share their experiences, which can suppliment your doctor's advice. Personally, I like the Atkins diet, but I hate the products. The Atkins brand is full of artificial gobbeldygook, and I just can't feel healthy eating it. One thing I had a hard time giving up was diet soda. I was an addict, and I still crave it, but now I can tell that somehow it was bringing back a lot of my aches and pains.
Good luck to you, with whatever path you decide to take. Be sure that you do your homework. You can do most of it here. Read testimonials. Ask questions. Don't be shy. We'll help support you.

Thu, Sep-18-03, 21:36
My husband has had fibro for years and when I first did Atkins he was nice enough to eat my food so I did not have temptations in the house and have to make 2 meals. The amazing thing was he was able to go off all his meds. He still has to hot tub and exercise, but he is able to do fine without any drugs. It is like a miracle for him. His doctor is very pleased.

Sat, Sep-20-03, 14:34
Hi Kathy,

I think you're very smart to do your research. I'm 36 (oh.. ok - 37 tomorrow but I just want my one last day to be here ;) and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 3 years ago; although I"ve had symptoms since at least puberty (which I"m now finding out seems to be fairly common).
I'm a little disturbed that your dr isn't thrilled with the idea of vitamins. I agree that they can certaily be over-used, but am also a firm believer that the quality of the food most of us eat is pretty low. A little judicious use of good-quality vitamins and minerals has helped me. If you're trying to lose weight - amitryptaline will sabotage your efforts. It is fairly infamous for causing weight-gain. I'm not sure just why - but it does.

I'm in the same boat as you regarding excercise. I'm actually kind of scared of the whole concept (I know - that's absurd, but...) as I've been hospitalized for pain as a result of a few different efforts. Obviously I've overdone what I was trying (including Yoga) and have to be more careful, but I guess that's part of figuring out what our bodies need and are capable of. I have a very beginner's Pilates tape I'm going to try, and just go very very slow. Other than that - I do a lot of walking. It seems to be the easiest on my body - and gives me time to calm down and just enjoy moving a bit. I would just LOVE to be able to go to a gym and work out, and think that excercise is a key to helping with fibro, but it is SOoo much easier to say - than to do ;)

This is a great topic - and I expect quite relevant for most of us dealing with Fibro and other conditions like it. I'm interested in seeing what others have to offer as well.

I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with Fibro, but I think you're on the right track.... :)


Thu, Sep-25-03, 09:30
HI Kathy,
I am 42 and was diagnosed with Fibro 5 years ago.I have had great relief by taking supplements. I think they have helped me a lot and in fact I mostly forget to take them sometimes cause I feel so much better. I still have some very bad flares and then I remember DUH ..........take your supplements.
I have found that making sure they are good quality makes a difference. I don't buy any at the grocery store .I order mine from online or through a company that I am became a distributor for so I could buy at discount.

A would say do a bit of research on the internet to find recomendations for the brands that you might like to use.

The best relief I had was when I took coral calcium,The coral calcium made me a real believer in supplements. I had tried a lot before but this gave me the most relief with fatigue and pain. I think it is very individual though with each person's body needing different supplements.I take a liquid magnesium at night with 500 mg of 5-htp to get better sleep. IT works very well for me.There are other natural sleep combinations as well and getting good deep sleep will go a long way towards helping your body to heal. In fact it is my primary focus to get deep sleep now. I think my fibro was made worse while I was a single mom of 3. I told my husband that I don't think I really ever went to sleep for 9 years. I always had one eye open.

I did have to supplement with Potassium when I first started LCing cause I was getting bad leg cramps again. So you might want to watch that as well. I don't take any medications. I am just more a believer in natural health care and so I just resist the meds. That is me. I was recently given a bunch of samples from my doctor when I told her that I was stressed and depressed and then I decided to focus on getting good deep sleep so that I could cope better with the things I was feeling overwhelmed by. IN just a few days I am feeling much more able to cope and having less pain. So get some sleep at night and try to make it deep. I try not to take a nap in the day if possible cause I know it affects my night sleep.

Hope that this helps a little. Debbie

Fri, Oct-03-03, 12:52
Hello Again,

I just wanted to thank everyone for there comments and suggestions.

My husband and I both started the Atkins diet together on Tuesday. I also started a multi vitamin along with, vitamin b supplement vitamin and a calcium, magnesium with vitamin d vitamin. I figured I best start with something.

It is hard to believe but my body pain is actually feeling better already. I am still sore but not nearly as sore as I have been. I also am feeling better all around. The first two days I felt really bad, sick to my stomach, headache, dizzy, etc. Now, I am feeling ok. :) Hard to believe in just a few days.

My husband shocked me and has already lost 10 pounds. I have lost 2.

I see my family doctor on Monday and my specialist on Wednesday next week, so it should be interesting to see what they have to say.

I think I am going to look for a beginner's Pilates tape as well. I have heard now a few people mention it now as an excersice that doesn't hurt the body that much.

My medications I would love to get off of them...but with the migrain, passing out and stomach problems I don't know if that will be possible. Fibro I could probably deal with naturally..as I know now quite a few people that do. I guess just take it one step at a time and see.

Thanks again for all your tips, information and encouragement.

Kathy :)

Wed, Oct-08-03, 10:56
[COLOR=Blue]Hi Kathy, I've had chronic pain for 13 years, so I've been through a lot. The advice people have given you so far is very good. If you have trouble sleeping, the 5-HTP worked the best for me. I was wondering about your migraines because I have had bad headaches for quite some time. I found that it really improved when I quit caffeine, and then it got even better when I started the Atkins diet, maybe some food intolerance going on? I also wasn't taking in enough water. Like hardly any! Now I drink 8 glasses a day, what a difference. I've tried Pilates with a personal trainer and all, but I enjoy walking and doing some light exercising with small weights. I worked with a chiropractor that had my adrenal hormones tested, they were low, so he told me to take Pregnenolone and Drenamin for a few months. I'm waiting for the re-test results, but I feel a lot more energetic. I'm walking for 40-60 minutes 3 days per week. I've had a lot of massage work done to me over the years, some light, some really deep, sometimes it has helped, sometimes it hurt, and then it helped. I don't know about you, but I had to get rid of some real STRESSORS that I had in my life, to get the ball rolling. If I can help at all, I'm here! Take care!

Stacie R.
Wed, Dec-10-03, 21:49
I'm soooo happy to see all of you looking towards some natural things to help with your ailments. Doctors really seem to push the pills and I agree that vitamins can really help as our food supply in this country is pretty low in nutrients. Coral Calcium is really great, I love it! ALSO using Natural Progesterone to balance your hormones can really help, even with weight loss! As for the pain, progesterone rebuilds the mylin sheath around the nerves and it can truley help with that. If you would like more info on Natural Progesterone, I've studied a lot and have even taught classes on it's use. Let me know.

Fri, Dec-12-03, 23:27
Hi Stacy

Can natural progesterone help with weight loss if you have had a hysterectomy with all ovaries removed? How does one buy natural progesterone? How much do you need to take to help with pain?

Sat, Dec-13-03, 00:08
I"m curious about progesterone. I'm 37, not showing any signs of menopause (yet - and thankfully) wouldn't progesterone just mess up my system? I'm considering having my tubes tied (2 lovely children is enough for me!) but I don't know if that will affect this whole Fibro deal either. Anyone noticed if that has?

Totally enjoying this thread - I hope we can keep it going!