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Wed, Aug-13-03, 01:05
When I was first diagnosed with Hypo, my TSH level was 120. After slowly increasing my Synthroid dosage over 45 days, I went for blood tests and it is now at 8. My Doctor acted like the problem was solved and I should feel fine. Is this normal, I have been losing my hair :doah: so badly it looks really balding- even in the front and I have developed horrible cyctic acne on my forehead and behind my ears. The doctor is acting like I should just be happy I am no longer losing my mind, just my hair and I should leave satisfied. I'm very frustrated and would love to hear your thoughts!!

Wed, Aug-13-03, 15:27
Hmmm, under current lab values anything over 3 is considered hypo. Maybe you should be getting a second opinion.

Jeanne Sch
Wed, Aug-20-03, 15:29
Hi Bridget:
Have you sought out another doctor?
8.0 is WAY too high for hypothyroid. I didn't know you could have a number as high as 120- YOU POOR THING :cry:

Please update us if you have sought help from another doc and got help - we'd like to know there is a happy ending to your story :)