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Jeanne Sch
Wed, Aug-06-03, 11:50
Almond Cookie recipe:

Almond Flour...........1 Cup
7 packets of Splenda
2 Tablespoons of Sugar Free Almond Syrup (I use DaVinci's brand available at www.davincigourmet.com ).

Mix almond flour and splenda brand packets together. Add the SF Almond Syrup. Mix well until a firm dough is formed. Prepare a cookie sheet by lining it with tin foil and greased with either butter or olive oil. Form dough into balls, place on cookie sheet and slightly depress on top. Garnish with an almond in center.
Bake at 350 for 12 to 14 minutes.
Yields: 7 cookies. Delicious!

FAT: 9g
EFFECTIVE CARBS: 1g (majority from splenda)

Tip: You can melt some Pure Delite brand dark chocolate (or any low carbohydrate brand dark chocolate) and dip a portion of the cookie in it for a dark chocolate coating and let it dry on wax paper, really gives it a little extra something!

Where to Buy?
ALMOND FLOUR at an INCREDIBLY good deal and buying DIRECT from the farmer at: www.almondsonline.com - a 3 lb package is only $3.33 a lb., plus VERY REASONABLE shipping.

DAVINCI SUGAR FREE ALMOND SYRUP - Buy direct from the company at www.davincigourmet.com. These are the BEST priced syrups I could find and only run about $8.00 (including the shipping) whereas local health food stores want $11.00 a bottles (wow).

PURE DELITE LC CHOCOLATE BARS: You can get these at Walmart for about 1.00 per bar or they sell a 6 pack for $5.17. I think they are also available through Walgreens and Eckerd's.

You can purchase these at a almondsonline.com or at Costco - both have very good prices.
Happy Baking! :) :) :)