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Tue, Jul-29-03, 12:22
My fiance is on the somersizing and a friend/coworker of mine is on the atkins and I think they both get low blood sugar when they are on it...at work we took my co workers blood sugar and it was really low....do you have any suggestions for this..my fiance likes the eating plan but gets really tired and cranky and i noticed a big difference in his attitude when he broke down and had some lemonade with sugar in it....he was laughing and had energy for the first time since being on this....but since he started he has been so tired and sleeps alot hes been on it for three weeks...can someone please help me here???? thanks

Mon, Aug-04-03, 12:35
You might try posting this question in the Health & Technical forums and also go to the Suzanne Somers site and ask on the discussioin boards there. I know there are many diabetics on this plan and some of them are surely bound to have ideas for you.

Tue, Aug-05-03, 21:11
People are often tired, cranky and irritable in the first couple of weeks, as their bodies detox themselves of sugar, caffeine, etc. Especially if he regularly drank coffee before and made the sudden switch to decaf.

Is it possible that your fiance is accidentally eating something that has sugar/caffeine in it? The reaction you describe sounds exactly like the crash you get after a sugar or caffeine-induced high.

Sat, Aug-09-03, 14:19

I tried Atkin's before Somersizing and I was like that too, but in my case it was due to a lack of carbs. I had no energy, was cranky, and would get a lactose burn in my legs trying to climb even one flight of stairs at work. I felt like an old lady! I finally had a big plate of pasta one night and felt great, like your fiance and his lemonade with sugar. I immediately went off Atkin's.

With Somersizing, we are able to augment the lowcarb lifestyle with an unlimited amount of vegetables and it fixed me right up. Perhaps your fiance is in the same boat? He may be eating low carb while Somersizing but forgetting that vegetables are a form of carb that he can have as much as he wants of. We still need carbs to have any kind of energy, we just need to change where we get them from. Does he eat his veggies? :)