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Fri, Jul-18-03, 11:43
Hi all, Have you ever just had one of those days? Yesterday was mine, I was tired and headachy all day.I went for my 2 mile run and did my weights, but my legs and hips would not cooperate at all when I tried to do yoga. I had carb cravings all day, of course I didn't cave, my only splurge was a rootbeer float with Atkins Icecream and diet rootbeer. So I don't think that was bad. Then last night after dinner, a spurt of energy you wouldn't believe came over me and I made soymilk and tofu. I didn't sweeten the soymilk just water and a little sea salt, so hopefully that won't add too many carbs. By the time I went to bed I was in agony again, so hopefully today will be better. Hubby and I went out to BK and I was congratulating myself on my restraint(LOL) until I thought about the milk the scambled eggs had in them then started to worry. Oh well I'll just have to watch it the rst of the day, Judy