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Sun, Jul-06-03, 20:20
I can't stop binging on carbs at night!! I've read all about NES (night eating syndrome), COD, etc. Ok, they all fit AND I still want to get off this damn train of pigging out!! I take/taken L-glutamine, melatonin, 5-HTP, and doc prescibed meds.....nothing! I have started Atkins 5 times in 5 days!!! I can't make it past 7:00 or 8:00 at night without being chained down...and who knows-probably not even then! Anyone got any advice for me?
thanks :cry:

Mon, Jul-07-03, 08:11

I know exactly what you mean. For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to start the Atkins diet with no success. I know I am addicted to carbs but I have the cravings all day long. What do we do??


Mon, Jul-07-03, 11:07
Hey Patty,
I truly have tried EVERYTHING! and I am willing to keep trying....For the first time in decades (literally) I believe that I have at least found solutions to my (numerous) food issues - which center around a carbo/sugar addiction. My most recent problem is the application of solutions!
Here is what I know (which granted, isn't much!)
-more water, less diet soda
-I've been taking L-Glutamine (for carb cravings), but can't personally attest to whether is works well
-some type of protein with fat (tuna w/ mayo, etc) at night (9:00ish) BEFORE I start craving massive carbs

What have you found that helps?

Mon, Jul-07-03, 12:28
I was wondering, being that this is the addiction/depression board, have you looked into if possibly your binge-eating is depression-related at all? Just curious. Apparently, there's a strong link--and it's one of those chicken-or-egg situations: Is the bingeing causing depression or are people who are depressed (and lacking serotonin) seeking out carbs to feel better?

I've been on Wellbutrin since last fall and lost about 15 pounds on it. Sadly, the initial effect of no appetite eventually wears off--hence, my journey here to low-carbing (and, hopefully, to lose the rest of this weight). I'm not pushing drugs here (it took my therapist over a year to finally convince me that I needed them) but it's helped me a lot. (I also feel low-carbing helps with mood as well.) I think everyone needs to find their own solutions...but maybe this is something to look into.

Well, just wanted to say stick-with-it. The first couple of days seem to be the hardest and then after that, the sugar/carb cravings seem to disappear.

Good luck! :thup:

Mon, Jul-07-03, 12:50
Is the food in the house? My cupboards are carb-free, admittedly because I ate it, but still free now. Pretty strong resistance to going out and buying more.

I had to make a transition to LC binging before I could let go, and I'm not all the way there. But I'm still better off than I was binging on carbs because there's not the same cycle. Fill the house with food you might want to eat -- slim jims, pork rinds, cheese cheese and more cheese -- and see if life gets better after two or three days. The worst of the carb cravings have a pretty short half-life, but it is longer than 12 hours.

There's also OA--Overeaters Anonymous. People there know a lot about how to stop binging. Check the phone book, and there are on-line meetings too.

Mon, Jul-07-03, 13:33
I don't see a journal so I don't know what you're eating but if you're eating any SF products or lc shakes or food, you could be reacting with an insulin surge everytime you eat. The effects of these surges escalate and 8-9 would be just the time they would become uncontrollable.

You might want to take the Carbohydrate Addicts test over in the CAD/CALP forum (It's on a "sticky" at the top). If you rate high, you might want to give CAD/CALP a try until you are under control. You might also want to check out the CAD/CALP stallers/weight weight gain thread (another "sticky") to see if your foods contain any of the known crave/binge inducers.

Good luck!!

Mon, Jul-07-03, 14:33
Boy, I know what you mean! The first several days of LC are brutal to us adicts. I would sit there in the evenings and vibrate with longing for a HUGE bowl of popcorn! My DH and I both had DREAMS about hot rolls and potato chips :lol:! It was hard, but the only thing that fixed it was time....it took almost a week for the cravings to calm down.

As far as my advice...well a few things worked for me: 1)take a walk (take a bottle of water with you) 2)snack on legal things: olives, cheese squares, rolled up lunchmeat, jerkey, water 3)get rid of ALL temptations in the house 4)Do a hobby that requires lots of attention like sewing, models, scrapbooking, reading 5)call a friend/family member - it's hard to get a snack ready if you're chatting

Just remember, YOU are in charge, not the food! It's just food. YOU are smarter, stronger, more courageous, that it is. I had to think of it as a contest "I WILL NOT LET THE FOOD WIN" because I AM STRONGER THAN THE CRAVINGS IN MY HEAD. Pretty soon they will quiet down and you will have WON! Just don't give up!

Tue, Jul-08-03, 05:30
Hi Betsy. It took a good full year of binging and starting over again before I felt like I was in total control. I had a lot of tricks. One of them was making sure I always had a low carb chocolate bar with peanut butter around. I have a girlfriend with a store and I'm lucky (although expensive) If you have the high carb foods in the house, you'll lose. I'm comfortable with carbs around, I have no problem, but it did take a year. Your body will eventually get sick around a lot of sugar soon enough I promise if you keep at it. One good trick is to remind yourself you CAN eventually have whatever it is you want...but not today..it works! Keep that it mind, and before you know it your insulin level will even out. Don't forget what your original goal was.

Tue, Jul-08-03, 16:24
thank you everyone...really. I continue to try (as in this morning) and failed again (by 11:30) and then just continued the rest of the day. (My next stop is the confession booth!)

Question to Zuleikaa...do you have personal knowledge with surges as well? Could you comment further?

again....thank you ....really!

Wed, Jul-09-03, 04:23
Hi Betsy, we'll get this figured out yet..I'm with you all the way. #1, failure is always a step towards success if you have a goal in front of you. The majority of successful business fail at least 3 times before they succeed to become GREAT. (not talking small potatoes.) #2, it's only fat...fat comes and goes.
Bets..is it hunger? What is it that goes through your mind before you cheat? By the way, confession on this board is better than sitting before a fat priest to give you communion with carbohydrate ridden bread and wine!

Thu, Jul-17-03, 04:35
Betsy - Been there-done that. I would seriuosly take a look at all meds that your are taking. Are you taking your vitamins & minerals. When you are eating at night are you sitting around and watching TV or moving around. More than anything, drink lots of water and maybe a brisk walk after dinner. Make sure that you are putting enough fats in your diet and keep us posted