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Mon, Jun-16-03, 12:24
I just invented something wonderful this morning. I've been having ricotta with Splenda and cinnamon in the morning or even for a dessert, but it's a little dry. This morning I just poured cream over it and it was awesome! Maybe this is already a recipe somewhere else, but you gotta try it.

pepsi max
Mon, Jun-23-03, 15:03
i have ricotta for breakfast sometimes as well. i like it with no carb syrup and a few chopped nuts. it,s nice with no sugar jelly also.

Mon, Jun-23-03, 16:56
Thanks for the additional ideas! I think I will start to experiment with this....it remains my favorite thing for breakfast.

Mon, Jun-23-03, 17:48

I been having ricotta "sweetened" with splenda and spread on the "cheese crackers" for breakfast or a snack. I also use ricotta instead of cream cheese in the mock danish recipe, but I never thought of just eating it! Go figure - and me, an italian who grew up eating ricotta as a side dish to pasta! Thanks for the idea.


Mon, Jul-23-07, 01:35
i commented in the cottage cheese thread that i did THIS aswell with ricotta....and low and behold there it is a thread about ricotta and cinnamon and sugar lol.... i have been doing this for sooooo long, i sont time will add a little low carb yogurt (blueberry yuuum) or low carb special k.....

Wed, Aug-01-07, 20:12
I always eat ricotta, I like it best when it's warmed in the microwave with splenda and pumpkin spice.

Thu, Aug-02-07, 11:04
In the South Beach book there are receipes using ricotta cheese as desserts. I used to make it all the time! They are good, especially the chocolate mocha one. :yum: