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Fri, Jul-06-01, 22:55
If I'm on the Atkin's Induction Diet, am I not allowed to eat the Atkin's Carb Solution's Bars? Not as if they taste like real chocolate anyways, more like Chalk-o-lit! Any suggestions to curb my cravings?:confused:

Sat, Jul-07-01, 07:33
I can't believe that "I" am going to be the one to tell you this considering I could not have imagined myself saying this a year ago but the easiest way to curb your cravings is through abstenince. I admit, last week I cheated, ate candy and a sub, yes with the roll. I felt so bad, I laid in bed and cried all night. My physical symptons where horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was an extreme wake up call. Knowing how far I've come, I would never want to give in to temptation again if it means feeling like that. Thats just my experience. As far as an alternative, I am not sure. But I know for me, I used to eat a whole 16oz bag of M&M's a day and I no longer crave chocolate.

Sat, Jul-07-01, 10:45
Very wise words ChrstnHrpr! :D

Phoebe, you may think and physically feel that you need chocolate. But you don't. You want chocolate, but you don't need it. Keep away from those bars after induction too.

When I first started this WOE, I thought: I can give up eating food that is doing me no good. I've tasted it all and know what it tastes like. I don't have to keep on eating it. It really helped in the beginning and now it's almost second nature.

You can do it!


Sat, Jul-07-01, 11:00
welcome aboard phoebe! my name is debbie and i'm a chocoholic! it's so true the only way to beat the chocolate monster is to not eat it. the cravings will go away. unfortunately, it just takes time. how long have you been on induction. by the end of the first week the cravings should be gone!