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Wed, Jun-11-03, 21:29
I appreciate the work you have done concerning candida and other illnesses. I wonder if you have any knowledge about food combining, aka Natural Hygiene or Fit for Life.

The reason I ask.....I've done low-carbing and food combining both in my quest for health, and I have absolutely identical results with weight loss and candida treatment.

I also have lupus, and all symptoms totally disappear when I'm low carbing or food combining. For example, I've been doing food combining for months now, and I'm spending hours in the sun everyday with none of my usual suffering. No raccoon rash on my face, no fatigue, no joint or muscle pain.

Now, when I do food combining I am very selective about my carbs....only raw, fresh fruit, buckwheat, brown rice, garbanzo bean flour, some legumes, and the occasional sweet potato. No other carbs at all.

I do not have celiac disease but I do not lose weight when I have gluten.

So, my question for you is...if my results with food combining are as good as my results low carbing, is there any reason not to continue? I prefer food combining by far. I have an idea that the antibiotics and hormones in the chicken and beef, aggravate my lupus and my candida. When I'm food combining I only eat meat once a day, and organic eggs once a day.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


Jeanne Sch
Tue, Jul-01-03, 12:24
Hi AmyRose:
I'm not Kent but I thought I could help you out with a portion of your question.

Dr Crook believes that many of our modern day illnesses are just names for candida. Lupus is one of the many he believes are just a candida infection. The problem is, once a patient hears a name for a disease (although they are not necessarily given a cure) they will not even listen to someone about candida infection. I am so glad that you were able to see this improvement through diet :) If you or anyone else reading this post is interested, Dr Crooks most famous book is: The Yeast Connection And The Woman. We, as women, are more susceptible to it due to our high estrogen levels (known to *feed* the yeast). This is why a lot of women have *bad* periods or *bad* pregnancies when the estrogen is much higher in the overall system. Multiple pregnancies really sets up a body for a candida crash and many women think - hmmm, my third kid and I feel much worse ...but they don't know why.
The *pill* has the same effect.
HTH a little :)