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Sun, Jun-08-03, 15:49
If this fits your WOE you might give it a try. One of the south's signature dishes. Served up alongside some pork chops or your favorite piece of chicken this is sho 'nuf good eatin'!

Green tomato (just before they start ripening!) sliced thin. Average tomato makes 8 or 9 slices.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Dip slices into egg wash made from one egg beaten and 1/4 cup cream.
Drag egg-washed slices thru meal made from crushed pork rinds. (I used my hand first to get them down to manageable size then used a fork to grind the pork rinds into a more powdery consistancy)
Fry until golden browned and serve immediately.

According to DietPower, a 4.3 oz. green tomato has 6.22 carbs and 1.34 grams fiber. ECC for a whole green tomato of <5.

These are fast and tasty and if they fit your food program are a real down-home southern treat, Ya'll.

Sun, Jun-08-03, 19:07
oh my I can't wait to try this!!! Thanks. I just found the recipe section of the forum and as you can tell I am hungry for some new ideas. Amazing how much we can do with pork rinds!!

Mon, Jun-09-03, 05:09
Can't find pork rinds here,

could you use grated parmesan instead?

thanks Geri

Mon, Jun-09-03, 10:45
Geri, I am the world's worst cook. You won't see many posts by me of recipes in here. I posted only because these fried green tomatoes were heaven! Absolutely. Positively.
But know what? I would think parmesean would work fine! Basically, you have the sweet of the tomato and all you are looking for is a crust.
For those who CAN get pork rinds, this is a real treat. And for those who grow tomatoes this is one more dish to help use them all up!

Mon, Jun-09-03, 14:26

now i just need to find green tomatoes!!
are they really sweet?


Wed, Jun-11-03, 06:49
Well I be!

I am gonna try this and I think I may try it with the eggplant. Jeff will be smackin his lips tonight....now you guess the why!


Sat, Apr-16-05, 17:26
That sounds awesome! I've been missing my FGT's. I never thought of using pork rinds. Very clever!
My variation: cut the maters into chunks. I always have a hard time turning them without them falling apart. This helps.