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Fri, May-30-03, 01:35
Hi there

I stumbled upon this part of the low carber forum, and was wondering if anyone could help.

My boyfriend's mother suffers from Fibromyalgia but does not need to lose any weight.

Is there any advice or information you could give me to pass to her about diet to help her condition, without any weight loss involved?

Many thanks in advance

Fri, May-30-03, 21:19
The low carbohydrate diet is best for everyone whether fat, thin, healthy or suffering from a disease. Underweight people can gain weight on the low carbohydrate diet. The key is to increase the fat in the diet as required to maintain the desired weight.

Some adjustments must be made for the best result on the low carbohydrate diet for those with fibromyalgia. The following diet plan worked very well for my sister so I placed it on a web page.

Fibromyalgia - News You Can Use. (http://www.biblelife.org/fibromyalgia.htm)

Kent :wave:

Sat, May-31-03, 07:39
Spang, she may have a low weight because she also has intestinal problems. This is not uncommon with fibromyalgia. Symptoms could be constipation and/or diarrhea with cramps and abdominal pain. The diet plan above will also heal the intestinal tract. The healing will prevent weight loss and can lead to weight gain for those who are underweight.

Kent :wave:

Sat, May-31-03, 11:12
Many thanks for your response, Kent.

Yes, I should have known that it low carb plans are not just for weightloss - d'oh!

I know that she has recently been on a very sever diet plan suggested by her nutritionalist, which eliminted sugar entirely from her diet. However, she felt awful on this.

I have sent her a link to this forum, so hopefully she will come in!

Many thanks again