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Mon, May-26-03, 11:32
i need some help...I think somersizing is the best lo carb because it does allow fruits and shole wheat carbs. my problem is that I'm a cyclist, and trying to eat enough carbs to keep going is hard on low carbs. i've tried all kinds of diets but, when you are buring 400 cal. an hour it's tough to diet, and then I'm so hungry all of the time, I eat way more then I burn.
Any ideas?

Sat, May-31-03, 20:08
I guess I always see cyclists being these really thin people.
If you gained weight from eating a lot of bad carbs then maybe you could try to eat a lot of the good carbs. You never know what works for you until you try it. When you get up you could stock up on fruit and then have your bread/cereals afterwards and you may even be able to have a carb at lunchtime as well. The rest of the meals you should make pro/fats. Maybe that will give you the energy you need. Do you take vitamins? I'm sure there are some vitamins that help energize. Good luck!

Sun, Jun-01-03, 18:43
Nice to meet you. :wave:

What KittyKat is saying sounds sensible to me. Suzanne recommends you eat your carbs for breakfast and lunch and if you want to jump start your weight loss, go with primarily pro/fats meals for the first week or two. I usually eat carbs two or three times a week in the form of cereal for breakfast or a pasta thing for lunch. If you are burning that many calories then you might be fine eating carbs for breakfast every day that you ride. Fruit is allowed and it's a good source of quick energy, so you could eat fruit as a snack during or right after a ride.

Like KittyKat says, Suzanne's combo fruit/carbs breakfasts might work well for you. I often have a smoothie first thing when I get up, then go out and exericise for half an hour and have a bowl of cereal or some toast when I get back in. That seems to be very satisfying for me, and fruit snacks when I'm hiking hard and my knees start getting wobbly are perfect.

What the heck, give it a try and see how it goes. Each person has to tweak this a little to get it to suit them just right, so don't be afraid to fiddle around with it. As long as you don't eat the "funky" stuff and stick to her combining plan, Suzanne's WOE is very flexible.

You might also visit her site and check out the discussion board there. There is a larger group of Somersizers posting there and there might be someone in exactly the same position as you.

Another thing you might try is doing a search of this site for cyclists, athletes or similar kinds of keywords to see if you can find a group of LC people with the same needs you have and hear how they've worked through them.

Best of luck to you!