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Thu, May-22-03, 12:35
Good recipe for taco salad. Big meal with less than 10g of carbs.


Ground Turkey (1.25lbs)
Large Jar of Pace Picante Salsa
Large Jar of La Victoria Taco Sauce (Hot = no carbs!)
Cheddar Cheese
Green Onions

Brown up the Turkey in a skillet and season with seasoned salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Once browned turn the heat to low and let the pan cool down. Add the pace and the la victoria and stir together. Let that simmer for 10 minutes.

Chop up Lettuce, Dice tomato, Grate cheese, Chop onions, and slice olives.

Place a healthy serving of chopped lettuce on a plate. Then place some of the meat sauce on the lettuce. The put on the cheese, tomato, onion, and olive to your liking.

Very tasty, very filling, very low in carbs. You may get 3-4 carbs from the olives, onions, lettuce, and tomatos at the most. The taco sauce has 0 if you get the hot flavor. The meat has none and the entire jar of pace has 28. This serves 5, so 1/5 of 28 is 5.6. So total carbs is under 10 (4+5.6 = 9.6)


Thu, May-22-03, 15:42
Don't forget the sour cream!!! :)

I've been eating a version of this pretty regularly for the last couple of weeks. Just can't seem to get enough.


Thu, May-22-03, 17:51
A friend of mine made a similar taco salad, but she also added the hot and spicy pork rinds for the crunch. :)


Mon, May-26-03, 09:17
Add eden black soy beans, all fibre, sooo good.

Tip, add some hot pepper rings, no carbs, adds the heat........

Mon, May-26-03, 09:27
Sounds great can you have on induction?

Mon, May-26-03, 09:46
and don't forget the guacamole.

PJ in Miam
Thu, May-29-03, 20:42
Not to quibble, but how does a whole jar of salsa--hot or not--come out to zero carbs? Nearly every ingredient in salsa or hot sauce has carbs. I'm wondering if perhaps their label measurement says zero because they're using some tiny amount... but an entire jar would certainly have some??


Sat, May-31-03, 14:35
The Taco salad we make only has carbs in the lettuce and a tiny in cheese.

We cook some beef, add taco sauce (Spanish Gardens brand) and the taco seasoning. So far---zero carbs.

Put it on lettuce and add cheese. You could add sour cream also.

The bad thing about this is---Spanish Gardens in made in Kansas City and not found in my State. We have dh's mom ship it to us. I have not found a taco sauce in my state that has zero carbs.


Wed, Jun-11-03, 16:38
Here's my version. It's a little lower in carbs because it cuts down on the salsa. After you brown/drain your ground beef, add traditional taco meat spices *see below* and 1/2 cup water. Simmer until water evaporates. Save your salsa for for the dressing: stir 3-4 T of salsa into a little mayo under you get a desirable saucy thickness (you can add some sour cream if you'd like). Voila! A nice mexi-dressing. I use the Eden Black Soy Beans too. Adds a nice texture and lots of fiber.

*Spices: 1 T chilie powder, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp Mexican Oregano- if you have it. Not regular Oregano.- 1/2 tsp garlic powder, few grinds of black peper, tsp-ish kosher salt

*Salsa: I use Herdez brand from Mexico. It's usually near all of the Goya items, not with the regular salsa. It's like 4 ingredients. Good stuff!


Thu, Jun-26-03, 09:44
I make a version of taco salad also---light on the salsa. The other day I decided to add a "squirt" of horsradish sauce. MMMM really added a nice flavor and kick to the whole thing.

Thu, Jun-26-03, 09:45
What a great idea, thanks.


Sun, Jun-29-03, 21:34
Do you know those Low-carb tortillas from La Tortilla Factory? They end up being about 3 carbs per. We have fried those before, by tossing them in oil, tied with string to a glass jar (big like a mayonnaise jar) or a glass bowl. It forms into the shape of a taco salad bowl. Could also butter it, tie it to a glass bowl and crisp it in the oven. Yum-Yum!!

We love the pork rinds too.

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